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Culture of Mexico. Quinceañera Link to show doll and shoe Link to.

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1 Culture of Mexico

2 Quinceañera Link to show doll and shoe Link to show surprise dance Link to video clip Watch each video clip. After watching, read the handouts provided at your table. Once your group has completed both of these, you may then plan your own quinceañera. Include the following information; invitation list, food, cake, dress design, location, brochure of events.

3 Dance Spanish Ballroom dance instructor Pasa doble Mexican hat dance You are a guest performing on Dancing with the Stars. You and your partner must perform one of the Latin American dances listed above. Which dance will you perform? Explain why you chose that dance, what song you will use and why this type of dance would be the best choice for your performance.

4 Music Link to Latin music radio Choose any song from any genre listed. After you listen to the music, compare the Latin American music to American music from the same genre. For example, if you listen to a Latin American rock song then you would compare that music to American rock music. Compare the tempo, instruments, and melody. Short description of music and dance.

5 El Tajin, Veracruz Cathedral in Mexico City Architecture Santo Domingo Church After reading the handout regarding architecture, view the photos in each of the links provided. Compare the architectural styles from the handout to the pictures viewed in the links listed above. Or A new Latin American museum is being built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. You have been asked to design the building. The owners of the museum have requested that the building represent traditional Latin American architecture. Draw your design and explain why you designed it the way you did. Explain how it represents traditional Latin American architecture.

6 Holidays and Festivals Calendar of Holidays in Mexico List of Mexican holidays Choose 3 holidays in Mexico that you would want to participate in. Why would you look forward to these holidays? How would you celebrate, who would you invite? List of holidays with short description.

7 Art Art located inside the Anthropology Museum Murals Art Draw a mural that represents the culture of Mexico. Use the information you have learned while completing the task throughout the lessons. Pay attention to the colors, lines, perspective and proportion used in traditional Mexican art murals.

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