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The Eisenhower Years 1953-1960 Life in the 1950s 26.4 & 26.5.

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1 The Eisenhower Years Life in the 1950s 26.4 & 26.5

2 The Boom Years Confidence & prosperity for most
Greater consumerism & conformity Ike was a Modern Republican Economic trend continued upward


4 Conglomerates: large corporations made up of companies within different fields
Increased Automation led to job losses in older industries 1955: AFL-CIO Merge

5 Suburban Growth Millions move out of cities for space, cleaner environment, better schools Baby Boom ( ) 40 million babies were born in the USA Interstate Highway Act creates 41,000 miles of new highway




9 Highway Act… Led to more automobile sales Growth of Trucking industry
Important to national security


11 Rise of Television 44 million homes with TV by 1959
Advertising made it big business Shows often portrayed an idealized & unrealistic vision of American life and family roles



14 Revival of Religion Revitalized with use of TV & Radio
Possibly due to faith in the “American Way” as being different than atheistic communism By 1960, 2/3rds of America is part of some church

15 Billy Graham

16 Those Prosperity Missed
Prosperity was mainly a white-middle class experience Blacks & Hispanics were discriminated Automation phased-out many farmers Many Hispanics emigrated to cities


18 The Silent Generation? Most teens of the 1950s conformed to the politics of the time Rock ‘n’ Roll became most important form of expression Rock music & dance offended adults






24 The Beats or “Beatniks”
Forerunner to 1960s Counterculture Criticized Conformity

25 1957: Soviets Launch Sputnik
First space satellite Ruined American belief in superiority over the Russians Led to more Education Funding and founding of NASA


27 Eisenhower’s Farewell Address 1961
Warned of the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex: the relationship between military, government, and corporations. Called for end of arms-race and attempt at diplomacy.


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