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Thomas M. Kukes, CLU, ChFC Specialized Life Insurance Services.

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1 Thomas M. Kukes, CLU, ChFC Specialized Life Insurance Services


3 Non-cancelable guaranteed renewable Guaranteed renewable only Non cancelable – guar. renewable/list bill discounts Employer sponsored Erisa plans Business overhead expense Disability buy-out Key person disability income insurance Group LTD Group STD Wage construction plans Waiver of premium / life insurance Disability Income Insurance

4 What is our purpose? Why are we doing this? What do people want us to do? What questions do they ask?

5 Wheres my money?


7 Claims Ive Processed Lawyer, 56MD. heart disease on list for a transplant Bus. Owner, 52heart disease; list for transplant Sales Rep, 52Rheumatoid arthritis – cancer Lawyer, 58Motorcycle accident; lost leg LawyerCancer M.D. PediatricsHeart attack M.D.Alzheimer's; confined to home M.D. OBGYNCancer PHD, Late 40sCancer, cant see patients or run office Bus. Owner, 60Cancer

8 Case #1 Lawyer Age 42 Died Never submitted a DI claim – policy lapsed

9 Case #2 M.S. Gastroenterologist Ruptured disc in thoracic spine Emergency surgery Claims analyst said medical dpt. said medical dept. didnt think his problem was bad enough to warrant collecting

10 Case #3 60 M.D. OBGYN Arthritis Swollen hands cant put on 2 sets of gloves

11 Case #4 Lawyer 55 Broke both legs – collected total Went back to work and collected partial Company said they paid too much & want some of their money back based on law firms earnings of which he owned 33% Almost went to litigation

12 Case #5 M.D. OBGYN Back & neck disorder surgery Partially disabled Does family practice only and says hes totally disabled

13 Thank You

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