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What did we do in class? 12.08.2010 (Wednesday) Ms. S. Hines ELA-6.

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1 What did we do in class? 12.08.2010 (Wednesday) Ms. S. Hines ELA-6


3 Independent Reading We will actively begin reading when we walk in the door, and continue reading until the timer goes off. We will not walk unless it is an emergency. (No passes) We will not disrupt the reading of others by looking around, talking, writing notes, etc…

4  Opening  EQ  What are demographics?  How can we compare and contrast the demographics of our assigned country and the United States of America?  Mini Lesson  Explain the expectations for the Data and Product Performance Tasks  Work Session  Students will work on different PT for the Culture Fair (See our blog)  Closing  Questions and Answers  Place all completed tasks in the inbox We will read and explain data by creating a graph. (ELA6R1) We will use research (CVL) and technology to create our graphs. (ELA6W3) We will listen and view different forms of text to help us get data and share it. (ELA6LSV2) We will use data and display the data in a bar graph. (M61)

5 Demographic Data Comparison Charts PT (The Remix) 1.Culture GramsCulture Grams 1.Home » Kids Edition » Graphs and Tables » Comparison GraphsHome Kids Edition Graphs and Tables 2.Create-Your-Own-Graphs 1.Select your country and The United States of America 2.Hold down Control key (CTRL) and click to select several nations or categories. 3.Select 4 categories (ex. Area, Population, Adult Literacy, and Infant Mortality) 3.Click “Create Comparison Graph” 4.Once you have all four graphs, save each graph as a picture. 1.Right click >> Save picture as >> 5.Microsoft Word 1.Insert>>Picture >> 2.Save your work under your lunch number 6.This PT is due at the end of the block 1.A sub-heading, four graphs, and four captions/descriptions. 2.Save, print, staple, and place in the inbox.

6 Made in ________ but used in the United States PT (formerly known as the Newspaper Front Page PT) 1.Research a product used here in the United States that is made, manufactured, etc…from your country. 2.Cut and paste a picture or pictures of the product. 3.Add a sub-heading. 4.Add a caption. 5.Don’t forget to save your work. 6.Print your work from Desktops #1 or 2. 7.Place your word in the inbox. 8.You did it

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