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La coopération éducative : une priorité pour l’Ambassade de France en Australie Nicolas Gouletquer, attache for cooperation in education.

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1 La coopération éducative : une priorité pour l’Ambassade de France en Australie Nicolas Gouletquer, attache for cooperation in education

2 2014 : important year for diplomatic relations G20 Brisbane, 14-15 November 2014 Official visit of François Hollande in Australia  High profile French delegation  First official visit of a French President in Australia  Commemoration

3 1 st objective: Enhancing French education in Australia How we can support your activities ?

4 Training for teachers Working together to enhance the image of the French language Supporting bilingualism in Australia : a key asset in a globalised world Providing annual financement to FATFA (Embassy of France)

5 A. Training for Teacher : a quality approach The Alliances Françaises provide « french immersion program » for teachers willing to practice and improve their skills  Contact the Alliance Française in your city (Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra)

6 B.Certification Do you need to pass a diploma or a test to certify your knowledge of French?  The Alliances Françaises in Australia are accredited to conduct all the diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education and have been approved as an examination centres.  Each diploma is internationally recognised and valid for life  For your students : it is requested to apply for admission in a French University.

7 II) How to refresh the image of french language : French, a global language

8 Europe 87,5 million North Africa and Middle East 33,6 million Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean 79,1 million America and Caraibbean zone 16,8 million Asia : 2 million Pacific zone 600 000 French language : a window to the world for Australia

9 French language : an asset for students  OIF : 77 members states  OIF FORESCASTS (university of Laval) : increase from today’s 220 000 to 750 000 speakers in 2050 with 80% living in Africa.  In 2011, French was deemed by Bloomberg Businessweek to be one of the top three most useful languages for business, behind English and Chinese, but ahead of Spanish and other European languages.Bloomberg Businessweek EnglishChineseSpanish  3 rd language on wikipedia and facebook

10 Project : create a federal event on francophonie -Schools competition ? -Dis-moi dix-mots : AmalgameAmalgame (arabe), Bravo (italien), Cibler (de cible, alémanique suisse), Grigri (utilisé en Afrique et dans les Antilles), Inuit (inuktitut), Kermesse (flamand), Kitsch (allemand), Sérendipité (anglais), Wiki (hawaïen), Zénitude (de zen, japonais).BravoCiblerGrigriInuitKermesseKitschSérendipitéWikiZénitude

11 Around 15 Embassies in Canberra part of OIF are willing to create an event.

12 III) Bilingualism in Australia :

13 LabelFrancEducation : give a bilingual identity to your school !  The "LabelFrancÉducation" seal is granted to schools promoting French language and culture as part of their specific curriculum. "LabelFrancÉducation" recognizes and rewards public or private schools that offer students enhanced instruction in the French language while also teaching other subjects in French. "LabelFrancÉducation" promotes outstanding education in French among students and parents.  "LabelFrancÉducation" is granted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).  Since February 2012, 32 schools from all over the world have received the "LabelFrancÉducation" seal32 schools

14 Killarney Heights Public School, Sydney  French/English bilingual program since 1999 and works in partnership between the school and the FANS association.  “Team-teaching” : two teachers are in the classroom at the same time, one teaching in French and the second in English. Examples of LabelFrancEducation in Australia

15 Camberwell Primary School, Melbourne  The most extensive bilingual program in Victoria.  The process used to teach the French language : immersion. We mirror the way you learnt your 'native language', that is, you were immersed or surrounded by the language.  Children spend 50% of their homeroom time listening and working in a French language environment. Examples of LabelFrancEducation in Australia

16 How to become a « LabelFrancEducation » school ?  The offer enhanced instruction of French and teaching in French of at least two non-language subjects. The combined total must account for at least one- third of the weekly teaching schedule.  Provide evidence of the qualifications, diplomas and French-language level of teachers working in bilingual classes  Have a strong teacher training program for these bilingual teachers  Present students for official French-language certification exams (DELF-DALF) administered by France’s Centre International d’Etudes PédagogiquesCentre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques  Attest to the presence, by teaching level, of at least one person with permanent appointment status from the French Ministry of National Education (this criterion can be waived under certain conditions) provide a French-speaking environment (educational resources, school partnerships, etc.

17 Visit the website

18 Language learning space Education Services Australia (ESA) on behalf the Australian Government Department of Education, has developed a National Virtual Language Space called the Language Learning Space (LLS). The LLS is a key deliverable of the Supporting the Australian Curriculum Online (SACOL) initiative, which provides support for teachers nationally, to develop flexible learning approaches to student learning and to integrate digital resources into their classroom practice. The Language Learning Space ( presents a visually engaging graphic interface utilising game-based modality to engage students in language learning. The LLS currently provides support for Chinese language learners with Indonesian and Japanese versions being added later this year. These languages were chosen by the Australian Government as strategic priorities. The Chinese Language Learning Space was launched on July 1st 2013. To date, over 2000 Chinese language teachers and over 6000 students nationally have registered on the LLS. This uptake represents virtually 100% coverage of the Chinese language teaching population in Australia and the teachers have praised the site as a clear and valuable adjunct to their practice.


20 2 nd objective: Increasing the appeal of France as a study & research destination

21 Reference : UNESCO + Consulate of France Australian outbound students France as an appealing destination – Campus France Australie


23 Campus France Australia is specially dedicated to Australian students to help them to : -Find and finance their program in France -Prepare their stay We can organise an information session (schools, university) (Workshop this afternoon) -You can find a contact point + information corner in each Alliance Française France as an appealing destination – Campus France Australie

24 3 rd objective: The commemoration of the world war

25 The Centenary Commemorations are an unique opportunity to strengthen the French-Australian exchanges  Award of the “Centenary” label to 7 events across Australia  The Australian remembrance tourism to the Somme is expected to double over 2015-2018: -increase of 350,000 tourists  Australia accounts for more than 5% of the tourism in Arras (Pas- de-Calais): -6,000 nights/year Supporting the Australian interest for France – The Centenary Commemorations

26 Shared histories

27 As part of the commemoration of the First World War, primary and secondary schools in France, New Zealand and Australia are invited to engage in collaborative projects on WW1. We are looking for an association of teacher or teachers willing to become webmaster of the website. Shared Histories

28 This call for projects aims :  to raise awareness among young New Zealand, Australian and French people about the contribution of the ANZAC in the fighting on the western front during WW1  to highlight the historical links created between the three countries on this occasion.  to bring together New Zealand, Australian and French youths to revive the memory

29 Launched this year : we have now a database of 250 schools in France, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Reunion Island willing to create partnership with schools in Australia. Sister schools database

30 The F20 events already attracted more than 200,000 viewers How to give more visibility to French cultural and scientific presence and influence in Australia? Supporting the Australian interest for France – F20 Creative France


32 2014 : écoles + commémorations : informer les futurs étudiants : promotion de la culture française en Australie.

33 contact  Embassy of France Website  Facebook of the Embassy of France


35 Quels publics ?  Le grand public  pour donner envie d’apprendre le français  Les professeurs de FLE  pour exploiter les ressources du site dans votre cours

36 Les objectifs du site  Séduire de nouveaux publics et leur donner envie d’apprendre le français  Dynamiser l’apprentissage du français grâce à une diversité de ressources  Donner une image actuelle de la langue et de la culture  Faire découvrir la francophonie

37 Les principes pédagogiques  Associer langue et culture  Exposer à une langue authentique  Réaliser des activités en autonomie  Utiliser la langue en contexte réel n’est pas un cours

38 Naviguer, se repérer dans le site 4 Webdocs Naviguer Se tester 6 langues 80 ateliers L’architecture du site

39 39 Page d’accueil du site (1) Menu principal Test Langues du site

40 Page d’accueil du site (2) 40 Les ateliers Les jeux La carte interactive

41 41 Où apprendre le français ?

42 42 Le kit pédagogique Découvrir, s’inspirer, naviguer, composer Présentation Fiches Index Panier Présentation Fiches Index Panier

43 43 Découvrir le kit pédagogique

44 44 Découvrir le kit pédagogique

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