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1 1 Welcome! Please turn off all cell phones & pagers. Thank you.

2 2 Welcome

3 3 Opportunity to Change your Financial Future! Todays Economy The industry we are in Our Company Our Products Peoples stories How you can benefit

4 4 To reach financial freedom, we are taught to… Go to School Get a Good Job Work Hard Retire with Gold Watch The reality about your future might shock you!

5 5 What is your education worth? Even though having an education is good, will it help you gain financial freedom??? Average student loan at graduation $21,000 64% of college grads cant find a job Average Median Income in US is $24,325/yr By the time people are 65 yr 95% are broke… 4% are still working paycheck to paycheck. 1% are wealthy and financially free! Source: U.S. Census Bureau

6 6 State of the Nation- Economic We are experiencing the most dramatic changes in 60 years Not a phase or a trend, but a new way of life! Your Career, income, health care, retirement.. ALL AT RISK! Source: US Dept of Labor

7 7 Layoffs from Large to Small Companies RECESSION EFFECTS Feb 2008: 4.8% unemployment rate Feb 2009: 8.2% unemployment rate Feb 2010: 9.7% unemployment rate US Population 310,744,460 (US Census) 30,142,210 Unemployed

8 8 Whats Happening in the USA Career Income streams will be interrupted with long periods of no earnings Studies show that the average working American will have three to five careers and between 10 to 12 jobs during his or her lifetime. (Career Counsel) Traditional employment will not even come close to providing for your needs and wants.

9 9 What are your options? Win the Lottery? Keep doing the same thing? Change and get a plan?

10 10 State of the Nation- Health Crisis 65% of Population either overweight or obese

11 11 Wellness Trend To be successful in business there must be a demand for what you have.

12 12

13 13 Children fastest growing obesity Children mimic adult behavior

14 14

15 15 In The News… USA Today: This could be the first generation that parents outlive their children. Diane Sawyer, ABC News: Nine million American children ages six and older are overweight. It's four times the rate of just 20 years ago.

16 16 HUGE

17 17 There is a looming threat, that puts YOU and everyone on this planet at risk. What people dont know is – that it is preventable!

18 18 Dietary Factors Are Associated with the Leading Causes of Death Heart Disease Cancer Stroke Diabetes The same 4 health risks that are associated with obesity. Dietary Factors means Preventable Deaths Source: USDA Center for Nutrition Policy

19 19 You CAN control your health. Source: American Medical Association

20 20 Herbalife is the crossroads intersection of Health and Wealth 30 years in business 65 million clients 74 countries Almost 4 billion in sales in 2009 NYSE listed (HLF) Last quarter US general market up 26%

21 21 On Track… $4.2 Billion Goal 2010 Over $10 Million A Day! On Track… $4.2 Billion Goal 2010 Over $10 Million A Day!

22 22

23 23

24 24 Nutritional Advisory Board Row One: David Heber,MD, PhD, F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N. USA Luigi Gratton, MD, M.P.H, USA, Lou Ignarro, PhD USA Patricio Kinney, MD Argentina Nataniel Viuniski, MD Argentina Nicolaos Sitaras, MD Greece Row Two: Yoshio Yoshimoto, MD Japan Ralph Rogers, MD, Phd, FECSS, FACSM, FFSEM UK Ryuzabuto Tanino, MD Japan Juan Alvarez Garcia, MD USA Joaquim Caetano, MD Portugal Rocio Medina, MD Mexico Row Three: Marion Flechtner-Mors PhD Germany Lazlo Halmy, MD, Phd, DMSCI USA Jean de la Tullaye, MD France Ali Kocalik, MD Turkey Aila Pogosheva, MD Russia Belong Cho MD Korea

25 25 Dr Vasilios Frankos joins Herbalife! Dr Vasilios Frankos Senior VP Product Compliance and Safety Former FDA Director

26 26 From Seed to Feed

27 27 Michael Johnson- CEO Herbalife Former President of Walt Disney International Marketing Genius Lion King, Nickelodeon, MTV Accomplished Tri- Athlete Dec. 16th, 2004 Herbalife goes public on the New York Stock Exchange (HLF)


29 29 Herbalife Athletes

30 30 Branding Herbalife L.A. Galaxy Leo Messi

31 31 Branding Herbalife

32 32 The Products Its all about the products!

33 33 Results Herbalife delivers results. Products Create Income Great products lead to great income opportunities.

34 34 Wellness Industry Fastest Growing Industry in the World! Baby Boomer generation is turning 50 at a rate of 10,000 a day, they drive the American economy. Experts say that this will be a 1 trillion dollar industry by 2015 In the next 10 years there will be 10 Million New Millionaires from the Wellness Industry. -Pilzer WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

35 35 Compensation Plan

36 36 Your team You Customer Duplicate Wholesale Profit: 5% to 25% PLUS Royalties & Bonuses Retail Profit of 25% to 50% Your incomes

37 37 Stairstep to Success Indep. Dist. 25% FQS 50% WT GET Mil Team Presidents Team Chairman Club Founders SB 42%

38 38 Income Results

39 39 Herbalife Decade Herbalife plans… Open 60 more countries in 10 years. 5 Billion in next 2 years 8 Billion in next 5 years In the next 5 years we will accomplish what we did in the last 30 years combined

40 40 With Herbalife…. Choices Mentoring Differences Results Are you designing your life or is someone determining your life?

41 41 Your Next Step: Are you….. A: Products B: Products and making $500-$1500 Part-time C: Products and making $2,000 - $10,000+ Full-time


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