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Kevin Van Kevin Van Future Computer Technologist.

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1 Kevin Van Kevin Van Future Computer Technologist

2 What is a Computer Technologist  Design and test hardware and software.  Program computer.

3 How would you dress to work? BBBBusiness formal dress code.

4 How much does this job pay and how often. BBBBetween 56,000 to 100,000 per year

5 What Training degree would you need to do to get this job.  Bachelor degree in computer engineering technology, computer science, information science, applied mathematics, engineering, or the physical sciences.  Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

6 Where?  Georgia tech

7 How would you pay for it? LLLLoan, Scholarships, work study, parents

8 How long is that from now  3 years of middle school, 4 year of high school, 4 year of college.

9 Place of employment IIIIndustry GGGGovernments  i i i insurance companies  f f f financial institutions;  h h h hospitals; management  m m m management of companies and enterprises.  S S S Scientists and technology  d d d data processing services firms  p p p professional and commercial  e e e equipment wholesalers  u u u universities

10 Why did you choose this career?  I choose this career because I like to Fix/Play on computer.

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