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The Hines Travel Agency: Culture Fair 2010 12.13.2010 6 th Grade ELA.

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1 The Hines Travel Agency: Culture Fair th Grade ELA


3 Country1 st Block’s Tour Guides BrazilAustin, Devin, Gabriel, and Jason Virgin IslandsJustin and Antwan DominicaFrancisco, Samuel, Rashard, and Brenda BelgiumEric, Damian, and D’ario United KingdomDonald, Timothy, Kalanii. and Sarah CanadaRachel, Stayce, Kathryn, and Kale AustraliaSamantha, Chelsea, Tylisha, and Abigail ArmeniaMyles, Tremon, Kameron, and Jalil

4 Country2 nd Block’s Tour Guides Belize Lizbeth, Marcela, and Leslie Puerto Rico Merari, Idania, Jobany, and KC Italy Sully, Sakira, Keontae, and KJ Bolivia Larry, Albert, and Joshua Grenada Ruby, Mirella, Jorge, and Melissa Albania Raven, Danyella, German, and Alejandro Vatican City Elijah, Delano, and Ta’jon New Zealand Diamond and Mary Kate


6 December 13, 2010 (Monday) Learning Agenda  Save all CF documents (#2-6) to U:\Students\Ms. Hines  Each country has a folder  Tour Guides-Teacher Conferences  What have you done well? (+)  What do you need my help with? (-)  What are your next steps?  Every PT is located on the blog  Works Cited Page  Set Up Presentation Board  Food Samples Standards: oELA6W3: Students will use research and technology oA: use the organizational features of electronic text (CVL and Destiny) to locate relevant information oB: include researched information in different types of products (Word, PowerPoint, and graphic organizer)

7 Block 3: December 13, 2010 Web Address – User name: lunch number Password: cobb Site id: griffin 02 Begin working on Reading LL Please bring headphones every day to use with My Skills Tutor. If you scored below 80 on your vocabulary test… On a sheet of notebook paper, make corrections to your test. Take your test home and get it signed by a parent/guardian. Place your test corrections in the inbox After you have corrected your test, begin Skills Tutor

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