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Patriarchs Abraham—Isaac– Jacob—Sons – God’s chosen people.

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1 Patriarchs Abraham—Isaac– Jacob—Sons – God’s chosen people

2 Abraham Name was Abram Semitic nomad from near east Wife-Sarai God asks Abram to leave home and move Promises to make a great nation of him Abram moves with Lot (nephew) to Canaan

3 Abraham Abram and Sarai had no children – Children were seen as a blessing God reassured they would but Sarai is “old” Hagar (servant of Sarai) bears a child with Abram  Ismael Concubine—maid servant of wife God speaks to Abram and Sarai – Changes names to Abraham and Sarah – Promises Abraham he will be the Father of Nations – Promises Sarah a son

4 Abraham (con’t) Covenant Three monotheistic religions begin with Abraham ChristianJewishMuslim Followed IsaacFollowed Ishmael Separated after Jesus

5 Patriarch and Matriarchs Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph Sarah Rebekah Leah and Rachel

6 Isaac Wife is Rebekah Have 2 sons: Esau and Jacob Jacob steals the blessing of Isaac thus becoming the next patriarch

7 Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel Has 12 sons God speaks in dreams – Renew the covenant – Changes his name to Israel Israelites

8 Jacob’s sons Favorite son is Joseph Joseph can interpret dreams His brothers are jealous Sell him as a slave He rises in power to become the 2 nd in command to Pharaoh Brothers go to Egypt for food Joseph tests and forgives them Jacob moves to Egypt Israelites are now in Egypt where Pharaoh eventually enslaves them

9 Patriarchs continued Old testament patriarchs Apostles and Church Fathers Mistakes can be transformed Embodiment of beauty and darkness of humanity

10 EXODUS The Story of Moses

11 Exodus beginnings Epic journey Recalls the enslavement of Israelites Pharaoh sees the number of Israelites increasing as a threat Orders enslavement—harsh and inhumane Orders death of male Israelite babies








19 Moses –Early Adult Moses sees an Egyptian strike a slave Moses strikes and kills the slave and hides the body Flees for Midian Marries Zipporah (daughter of Revel)

20 Call of Moses God calls from a burning bush—he has heard the cries of Israelites Identifies self as “I am who am” Aaron assists Moses Moses and Aaron go to pharaoh “Let my people go” Pharaoh is angry and orders harsher treatment

21 Plagues Moses confronts Pharaoh again Turns his staff to a snake Pharaoh will not give in Plague begin – 10 – 1 st water to blood – Last death of first born

22 Passover 1 year old lamb (passover/Pascal lamb) Blood on doorposts and lintel Roasted lamb + unleavened bread + bitter herbs Angel of death passed over Israelites Commanded to celebrate Passover every year as a reminder Jesus was celebrating Passover at Last Supper Israel is saved from death Jesus sacrifices and saves us from eternal death “Old” Pascal lamb “New” Pascal lamb

23 10 th Plague Each house of Israel is marked Pharaoh is grief-stricken Relents and lets Israelites go Changes his mind and pursues Israelites after he lets them go Moses stretches out his hand at the Red Sea for Israelites to cross-water flows back on the Egyptians Story about God keeping promises even if all appears hopeless

24 In the Desert Land of uncertainty Food and water were scarce Natives were unwelcomed Israel forgot God’s liberation and promises Question God and complain Moses calls out God sends manna and water Israel still questions

25 10 commandments Mount Sinai--Decalogue Pivotal scene in Exodus epic Moses goes up the mountain God decares he is their God—one of fidelity, justice and love God reminds Moses of the covenant of Abraham God promises Israel will be God’s special possession—a kingdom of priests, a holy nation Israel must live according to the law Inherit the promised land

26 10 commandments After 3 days Moses is given the 10 commandments 10 norms to summarize the Law of the Torah Commandments – Tell us how to live – Give a framework for a just society – Teach how to live with God – Heart of commandments is reverence (God, self and neighbor) Moses delivers 10 commandments/ Jesus gives a new law with Sermon on the Mount

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