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International Business Connection, Ltd. Co. Project Development Qualifications January, 2004 IBC Ltd. Co. 505-532-5000

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1 International Business Connection, Ltd. Co. Project Development Qualifications January, 2004 IBC Ltd. Co. 505-532-5000

2 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.2 Project Development Services Overview IBC provides local expertise in all phases of the project development cycle. IBC has developed projects for companies such as Toyota, Weyerhaeuser, Sempra Energy, CMS Energy, ThyssenKrupp Budd, Igasamex, Metrogas, El Paso Energy, Enron, Texas Utilities and others. IBC has in depth knowledge of the project finance and credit structures, and how the complete project development plan supports these structures. IBCs work is recognized and highly regarded by government authorities and financial investors, adding instant credibility to any project. IBC has managed international projects from $5 Million to $500 Million USD.

3 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.3 Project Development Services Project Feasibility Analysis Project financial modeling Initial due diligence Fatal flaw analysis Timeline development Site testing Soil sampling Core drilling Water testing Lab analysis Infrastructure Studies Roads- access, improvements and ingress/egress requirements Rail-logistics, system capabilities Power- load requirements, self supply alternatives, back-up, power supply agreements Fuel Supply- Natural gas, propane, diesel, fuel alternatives Water- drilling permits, usage requirements Telecomm and data/communications

4 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.4 Project Development Services Labor Studies Cost Availability Skill sets Economic Impact Analysis Industrial impact Political/tax impact on local market Supply chain requirements Creation and lobbying for Government Incentive Programs Regulatory Analysis Project development implications Operational implications Public Relations Management

5 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.5 Project Development Services Project Permitting Operational permits (if applicable) Federal Local Maritime permits Environmental Permits Environmental Impact Analysis Environmental Risk Analysis Water use permits Waste Water permits Drainage permits Land Use Permits Construction permits Hazardous Waste and materials permitting Audit and compliance programs Pre-emptive Self Audit Status Project Management Expertise Project Implementation Plan development Project Management expertise with single point of accountability for the client Fast Track capabilities Management of Engineering, legal and construction teams Experience in energy, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors Early barrier/risk identification with resolution strategies Development expertise for all needed infrastructure outside the fence

6 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.6 Project Development Services EPC Management- Onsite and Offsite developments Engineering management Procurement management Competitive bid Negotiated Construction management Operational Support Compliance Programs Environmental and Safety Audits ISO 14000 support On site training

7 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.7 Project Development Services Specific Experience Provided complete Project Management Services for USD $250MM Toyota facility, from site selection to operational support (ongoing) Developed and successfully obtained Operational Permit (CRE) for USD $5B LNG facility for Sempra Energy near Ensenada, Baja California. Provide project feasibility, due diligence, site location and project management for USD $170MM Weyerhaeuser Provided all project permitting and project management support for ThyssenKrupp Budd facility Permitted and managed $550 MM Cuiaba Power Plant project, including associated pipeline Licensed Industrial Contractor (license NM84892) Participated in Financing and Regulatory Strategies for the Privatization of Mexicos Airports and Seaports Managed multiple industrial development projects including formation of industrial parks, supply chain management for anchor industrial tenants and associated permitting and authorizations. Formulated and implemented In the Fence strategy for power and natural gas projects in US and Mexico Developed 8 state Industrial Development strategy for Enron gas distribution companies in Brazil

8 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.8 Project Development Services Key Personnel Gary Coppedge – CEO/President IBC- Extensive emerging and new market experience with infrastructure project development and management, including: business case development and analysis in Latin American economies; target client and industry studies; permitting and operational permits; regulatory change and risk analysis; and economic impact analysis. He has aided in the formation of over 65 US and Latin American joint ventures and worked on multiple concession and privatization projects. Mr. Coppedge has successfully managed the project completion of large manufacturing and industrial projects in the US, Brazil and Mexico for such clients as Toyota, Weyerhaeuser, ThyssenKrupp Budd, Enron, Sempra Energy, Texas Utilities, and multiple manufacturing facilities. Jean-Sébastien Sardo, - Project and Operations Management – Has more than 20 years of experience, in market evaluation, managing diverse portfolios of industries, identifying niche U.S. markets for expansion of foreign companies, effectively recruiting, training and managing assisting personnel, and providing marketing and sales expertise. Has overseen all administrative facets of an organization including P&L and cash flow statements, and is proficient in integrating and reengineering operations to reduce costs and increase profitability. He has extensive project management experience and is a talented trouble shooter and negotiator. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Irene Lopez Hernandez - Project Manager A degree in Environmental Engineering, and post-graduate work at the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in air, water, noise, soils, and waste. Extensive experience in environmental permitting, environmental impact assessments and risk analysis, as well as Biological and Chemical Water Treatment Plant design, construction, and operation. Currently leading the IBC effort in the permitting of natural gas, LNG and large manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

9 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.9 Project Development Services Key Personnel Hector Baltazar- Mr. Baltazar graduated from Metropolitan University in Mexico City with a degree in Environmental Engineering, with a specialty in wastewater and water treatment. He has substantial experience with hazardous waste management, environmental auditing, the development of environmental studies, and overall project management services. He has been involved with environmental and risk impacts of manufacturing facilities in Baja California, and has extensive background in the heavy manufacturing, automotive and related industries. Mr. Baltazar also has experience with safety audits and safety management plans, as well as hazardous waste management. He is currently a Regional Manager for IBC, based in the Tijuana office. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Celina Vega de Caprio- Mrs. Vega is a practicing lawyer, licensed in Mexico. Her areas of focus have been facility permitting, commercial structuring and foreign direct investment, immigration and contract law. Her project experience has focused on manufacturing and environmental regulations. During her career she has established strong relationships with Government agencies and has developed a strong network of legal experts in many different fields and specialties. She also manages public relations for sever large multi- national companies. Mrs. Vega is certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Baja California as a certified translator and is fluent in English and Spanish. She is currently located in IBC's Tijuana office and provides support to IBC clients who need legal advice, interpretation of rules and regulations and aid in structuring commercial operations in Mexico.

10 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.10 Project Development Services Key Personnel Alfredo Rodriguez- Mr. Rodriguez graduated cum laude from Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a specialty in Environmental Engineering. He spent a year in the University of Leeds, UK, specializing in Project Engineering, Control of Air Pollution, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Mr. Rodriguezs skills cover Biological and Chemical Water Treatment Plant design, construction, and operation; sustainable solutions for small communities (water supply and treatment, waste management and energy generation) and economic assessment of environmental components for industrial projects. He is currently part of a multidisciplinary team that is addressing the problem of traditional brick Production in Puebla. Carlos Arrechiga-Mr. Arrechiga is a economist with a Masters in Business Administration from Instituto Tecnol ó gico Aut ó nomo de M é xico (ITAM) in Mexico City. Mr. Arrechiga is specialized in financial and economic modeling, procurement and project financial management. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Charles Johnson – Strategic Planning/ Evaluation- Thirty years of professional management and strategic planning services to business and government, including engagements in Canada and South America. Executive level responsibility for facilitating inter-agency, multi-year strategic planning projects, ranging from international manufacturing firms to state-level economic plans. Extensive work experience with permitting processes and project management.

11 January, 2004IBC Ltd. Co.11 Project Development Services Alliances International Project Opportunities Group, LLC (IPOG)- IPOG specializes in project development of industrial and municipal energy and telecommunications projects. IPOG principals have been involved with the successful development of multiple projects ranging from small industrial pipelines to 500 MW co- generation power plants. IPOG can provide turn key power and natural gas development services.

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