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C’est la mode is an online rental fashion retailer offering a wide range of the latest branded fashion clothing to rent. The business also has a selection.

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3 C’est la mode is an online rental fashion retailer offering a wide range of the latest branded fashion clothing to rent. The business also has a selection of clothing worn by celebrities on the red carpet. The French words C’est La Mode means “this is fashion”. The name is very catchy, different and memorable. This is a clothing rental company which provides its audience with outfits for various occasions such as weddings, events, parties, any other special occasion or society events such as Asian fashion week, Chinese new year and many more

4 The aim for this business is: “to provide our customers with the latest and unique fashion from all over the world. Also providing customers with celebrity clothing worn on the red carpets.”

5 Target audience is both men and women aged between 18-45 Aiming at both genders – men and women Customers needs and satisfaction would be to wear the latest and branded clothes at a low price.

6 Do not have a high level of competitors within the fashion market. C’est la mode main competitors is ASOS and BOHOO.

7 Mintel shows that there is a gap in the market for an online rental fashion wear. This benefits C’est la mode as it indicates that there is a large possibility of this business idea being a success.

8 Our stock will be located in a warehouse in London on Manor House, Hermitage Road. C’est la mode will be paying £1350 per week which is £5400 per month. The price is very suitable and affordable for this business. The reason why this location has been chosen is because it is affordable, easy to travel and has enough space that is needed for our stock.


10 Logo: the logo is in the left hand side of the screen which clearly stands out due to its size, boldness and font. This is because the background is white and the logo is bright and bold This attracts the visitor’s attention. Graphic design: these are visual presentations shown on the website. Different colours, fonts, and pictures are used to attract the audience’s attention. The homepage shows that the graphic design has been used in many ways for example text, illustration and colour. The graphics used on the website are both functional and artistic and effective communication is used to divide all sections. This is highlighted clearly.

11 Pitching: the website pitching is clear and simple, as it gives the visitor a clear indication and message of what target audience the website is aimed at and sell for. Each section is highlighted clearly with a picture for example ‘papers: spurs eye was’ section shows a picture of a footballer in the background. This makes it simple for the audience to understand and does not create confusion about different sections in the website. Navigation: the navigation used on the website gives the visitor and reader immediate knowledge of the depth of the site. C’est la mode has navigation bar located on the left side and also on the top. By looking at the different navigation links this gives the visitor an idea on what is on offer and what is on the website to search for. This website has fully featured navigation bar that assures its visitors that there is lots to see on the website. This encourages the visitors to explore this website further. Colours: C’est la mode back ground colour is very simple and transparent. By using transparent backgrounds will not distract the user from the key functionality on the webpage’s such as the product, price, title and description of the product. Instead it serves to provide a richer experience whilst ensuring the product page acts as a persuasive experience focused on getting an emotional response from the visitor, such as seeing the high quality of the expensive product, therefore justifying the potential expenditure being undertaken.

12 The visual, flash allows to expose key news and information to their audience. C’est la mode visual effects and flash is very electrifying, straightforward and efficient. This feature allows C’est la mode customers watch updated and the latest news regarding fashion. This allows this business to differentiate from their competitors and stand out. It also allows the user to download the video on their computer. This video is most likely to be used by their users as it allows them to discover new information regarding the latest trends and fashion The video has a high- quality graphics and images which is very clear to watch. The sound system has a good quality. Users are able to adjust the volume on this video and they are able to watch this video on a larger screen.

13 This page is an event page which allows customers to be fully aware of any events available. By having this feature benefits the customers as they would have full knowledge of the up coming events. This enables customers to prepare themselves from the up coming events by browsing around and purchasing our products.

14 This feature allows customers to upload a picture of them selves and try it against any dress or suit which they are fond of. This benefits our customers as it enables them to investigate which dress or suit will suit them the most. This feature is something no other online retailer has, therefore by having this feature will benefit C’est la mode as we will gain competitive advantage and it will allow this business to stand out from their competitors.

15 Once a customer click on the facebook link, another page comes up which states the customer to type in their login details in order to see the facebook page that has been made for C’est la mode. C’est la mode allows customers to connect with them via Facebook. Facebook is the most popular and leading social network available.

16 By using transparent backgrounds this does not distract the user from the key functionality on the page such as the price, title, description, quantity and add to basket. Instead it serves to provide a richer experience whilst ensuring the product page acts as a persuasive experience focused on getting an emotional response from the visitor, such as seeing the high quality of the expensive product, therefore justifying the potential expenditure being undertaken. The product age for this website is very simple and eye catch. All the products are being shown on the website in a clear professional order. This page clearly illustrates the type of products that is available for the public to purchase. The prices and the name of the product is clearly shown and readable by all type of customers. In this section, there is a clear description of what the product is, what is the style of the dress, what is the name and color and what is the materials of the dress. The description is very clear and persuasive for the customers to read.

17 One of the most important and effective technology options for the website is the search tool, which is displayed on the top right hand side of each page, as customers who know what they want can instantly access that specific item just by typing in the name of the product. This is very beneficial for C’est la mode to have as it allows their customers to search any certain clothing which they like or want. Customer can type in the brand name and the clothing for that certain brand will appear on the website. This saves customers time.

18 Overall, C’est la mode website is very effective. When entering this website, the user immediately becomes of aware of the dominance of white and grey. The homepage loads fast and provides a captivating with the website. Branding is an important part for our business. We use this by repeating familiar aspects of a brand in the website design; the effectiveness of online branding is increased. We have done this effectively through the use grey and white as part of our website colours and the logo colour which is grey and yellow.


20 Search engine optimization is crucial to traffic flow and the business. This is because the people need to be aware of the website in order for it to progress and become successful. It is important to be listed in any of the search engines as this will be an advantage towards the website because more people will be able to find it and even if they do not know it exists they will be introduced to it. To optimize the website for the search engines the site will be easier to find and the number of visitors to the website will increase over time.

21 Links from other websites will also be used. This is because one of the biggest things that search engines look for, after content and theme, are quality links to the website from reputable internet addresses. The links must be roughly the same subject matter and rank well on the search engines. For example as our website relates to fashion the link should be other fashion websites who have already got a higher rank, as this will support the website in order for it to gain more visitors. The main partner sites suggested for our website are mainly going to be fashion websites; these may include websites such as,, and

22 Search engines are a primary way people will look for websites; they are not the only way. People also find sites through word-of- mouth, traditional advertising, the traditional media, news group postings, web directories and links from other sites. Many times, these alternative forms are far more effective draws than are search engines. In order for the business to engage with its customers it is important that we advertise our business widely so it reaches out to a wide pool of audience. This will be done by the use of: - Content site - Commercial site

23 The main concepts and strategy for email marketing that will be used are: Outbound e-mail marketing Inbound e-mail marketing, Cold e-mail campaign. Co-branded e-mail. Third party e-newsletter. Viral marketing.

24 The main social media campaigns that our business will be linked to are facebook and youtube. However, in the near future our buisness aim is to expand the business on further social networks such as twitter, Flicker and myspace. By promoting the business on social network such as facebook will expand the buisness to a wider pool of audience. This will help build the traffic for the website and more visitors will be visitng the website. By using social media to advertise the business will influenece the sales of the business as more people will get to know about the website, the role of social media goes through family and friends and further friends.

25 The role of PR will be used in our business plan. This will be helpful towards our website because mentions of our website on other sites will be strong in order to shape up opinions which will drive visitors to our website. The different types of PR activities that our business will use to advertise our business is: Search marketing activities: SEO, inbound link building Brand engagement activities: this will be used to create interaction with the online audiences to help understand the audience needs and potentially influence them. This will be through the use of our own website, third party sites, business blogs and communities. Buzz building activities: social media campaigns such as facebook will be used in order to help spread the message through viral marketing.

26 - Can improve the website is by adding more new features that will differentiate this business from their competitors. This can be achieved by creating different features that no other fashion online business has on their website. - By establishing more social tools. C’est la mode only has facebook as a social media. This allows target audience to stay in touch with this business. An improvement is to have more social tools such as Twitter, YouTube account, MySpace and many more. By expanding the social media on this website, will help C’est la mode to improve their website and also by attracting a wide range of target audience. - By publishing more graphics. This will attract user’s attention.



29 The future our business have is: - a very exciting basic foundation business that will grow. -various aspects of e- commerce, focusing on rental fashion wear will increase -New technologies such as social tools will change in the future of the way people shop online. The rise of social media illustrates that images of fashion wear from catwalk shows are now sent out minutes after a show finishes via Twitter or facebook, so the public no longer has to wait for magazines to be published on the shelves months later.

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