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DOL YouthBuild TA Collaborative Is Your House In Order?

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1 DOL YouthBuild TA Collaborative Is Your House In Order?

2 Service Goals Ensure that the eligible target population identified in the grant is served. Ensure that an individual service plan is developed that identifies and meets the specific needs of each individual participant. Ensure that supportive services are being provided as needed to overcome client barriers to participation and completion of the individual service plan. Ensure participants are receiving training as needed and progressing toward achieving their education/employment goals.

3 Program Integration Do you have an integrated relationship with: –Local workforce development system? - WIB’s, Youth Council, One Stops –Business and industry representatives? - Employers, Chambers, Unions, Associations –Education and training providers? - 4 yr Colleges & Universities, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Vocational Training Institutions, Skill Centers & Adult Ed providers

4 Subrecipient Performance Grant sub-recipients are the grantee’s responsibility. 1.Be sure they meet performance measures (if they don’t, you won’t) 2.Is a clear and accountable sub-contract in place? 3.Do they understand the performance measures they are required to meet? 4.Is there a reporting system to demonstrate planned vs. actual accomplishments 5.Is there an internal program monitoring and audit plan in place? 6.Is there a system to address under-performing sub-contractors? All of this should be documented and ready for presentation, if requested.

5 Connecting the Dots Do you have an internal itemized budget (not just the SF424) that is developed and reviewed with program staff? There can be a disconnect between “fiscal operations” and “program operations”, each needs to understand the others language and guidelines. Fiscal staff should have a thorough understanding of the YouthBuild program and its operations. Do they have a sense of the “ebb & flow” of program operations? Program staff should understand some level of operations for allocations, draw down timelines, and internal budget reviews.

6 Tracking Spending What is your method to ensure that cost obligations do not exceed fund availability? Are regular meetings being held between program and fiscal staff responsible for the day to day operation and management of the program? How often are draws necessary? Is the timing of the draw close to disbursement? Are the costs allowable?

7 Importance of Cost Projections and Rebalancing Do you have a process for planned versus actual cost analysis and projections? What is your process to compare actual expenditures to approved budget line items in a timely manner? Is there a balance between spending at a consistent rate, and spending in accordance to program flow? Can you project spending rate and ensure that you are on track to spend down funds within the grant period?

8 Budgets Should Reflect your Statement of Work Plan Include an adequate allocation for staff training and professional development. Include appropriate travel costs for DOL Trainings, Learning Exchanges, P2P’s etc. Include an adequate allocation for fringe benefits, including vacation accrual, salary increases, etc. Include a line item budget based on a comprehensive plan for retention and follow- up. Include costs for participant incentives, supportive services. Align itself with service goals and performance measurements. Recalibrate in accordance with program adjustments.

9 Grant Timeline Critical to strictly adhere to grant timeline which includes 2 years of operation and 1 year of follow-up for each participant Work with Program Director to plan backwards from grant close-out date to meet enrollment targets and all DOL deliverables within grant period Critical to check in periodically on enrollment, performance to date, and overall spending rate

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