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Zumdahl 7th Edition (pg. 33)

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1 Zumdahl 7th Edition (pg. 33)
Dimensional Analysis Zumdahl 7th Edition (pg. 33)

2 Sample One Science fiction often uses nautical analogies to describe space travel. If the starship U.S.S. Enterprise is traveling at warp factor 1.71, what is its speed in knots and in miles per hour? (Warp = 5.00 times the speed of light; speed of light = 3.0x108 m/s; 1 knot=2000 yards/hour, exactly.)

3 Sample Two The world record for the hundred meter dash is sec. What is the corresponding average speed in units of m/s, km/hr, ft/s, and mi/hr? At this speed, how long would it take to run 1.00x102 yards?

4 Sample Three Would a car traveling at a constant speed of 65 km/hr violate a 40 mi/hr speed limit?

5 Sample Four You pass a road sign saying “New York 112 km.” If you drive at a constant speed of 65 mi/hr, how long should it take you to reach New York? If your car gets 28 miles to the gallon of gasoline, how many liters are necessary to travel 112 km?

6 Sample Five If you put 8.21 gallons of gas in your car and it costs you a total of $17.25, what is the cost of gas per liter in Canadian dollars? Assume 0.82 dollar US = 1.00 dollar Canadian

7 Sample Six A children’s pain relief elixir contains 80 mg acetaminophen per 0.50 teaspoon. The dosage recommended for a child who weighs between 24 and 35 lb is 1.5 teaspoons. What is the range of acetaminophen dosages, expressed in mg acetaminophen/kg body weight for children who weigh between 24 and 35 lb?

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