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Economic and Transportation Revolution Daniel Kim Jonathan Kim AP US History Rocks.

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1 Economic and Transportation Revolution Daniel Kim Jonathan Kim AP US History Rocks

2 Today, you will learn about... Americas Westward Expansion After War of 1812 Organization of Western Lands Development in Both Transportation and Economy

3 After the War of 1812... Rise of Nationalism No country was ever happier with respect to its domain... Capacity for expansion

4 Spark of Expansion After War of 1812

5 Spaniards Get Kicked Out! xD America first targeted Spain Looked for regions in Florida and the American West Strong believer of continental destiny Adams-Ons Treaty granted America the land of Florida Adams-On í s Treaty granted America the land of Florida


7 Then the Native Americans... America wanted to completely take over the lands between the Appalachians and the Mississippi. The Five Civilized Tribes - abused. Cherokee / Chickasaw / Choctaw / Creek / Seminole

8 Being Civilized meant.... Turning more agrarian Engaging in slavery Adopting Republicanism

9 Reactions to Coercion Most Indians opposed the removal Dependence on the whites / Ancestral customs Andrew Jackson the menace 1830: Indian Removal Act: remove the Indians if necessary


11 VS Jackson Indians

12 The following were removed from American soil (1836): Chickasaw & Choctaws (Alabama) 15,000 Creeks $420 million spent to remove the Seminoles 16,000 Cherokees Reactions to Coercion - 2

13 MCQ #1: Which of the following tribes was not a member of what the Americans called the Five Civilized Tribes? A. The Creeks B. The Cherokees C. The Seminoles D. The Sioux E. The Spartans

14 Handling the Western Lands

15 Distribution and Division The squatters are the first to claim the land in the West. Agitated for formal right of preemption Officially, the Land Speculators first arrived at the western lands and later sold to the farmers People moved in large groups to the Western lands Churches, schools, and etc. were established in the western lands Slaves were later brought to the western lands to work

16 The Credit System Because of the introduction of banking and loans, farmers used this in order to buy land in the West Major benefits to the people who lend the money Acres of land had a concrete price The rich were able to buy most of the land while the farmers and commoners were unable to Free lending policies led to depression in 1819

17 Increasing Economical Gap Because of the new economic market system, the rich were able to get richer and the poor became poorer The new economic system mostly provided the benefit to the rich people such as land buying, trades, and loans The poor had to face some of the rising prices that were occurring to raw materials prices

18 Analyze Primary Document The Western Country, Letters in Niles Weekly Register

19 MCQ #2: Most settlers moved westward in order to A. escape the plagues of the east coast. B. settle on cheaper, more fertile land. C. repudiate the settled, civilized way of life in the East. D. escape the overcrowded East. E. hunt and trap for furs.

20 Technology Improvements Market Economy

21 Revolution of Transportation Rise of Expansion of the West stimulated the revolution of transportation Looking for cheaper transportation to cities Introduction to steam engines, revolutionizing transportation Usage of the canal has improved

22 Economical Changes Fused economy after the War of 1812 among the South, North, and the West Market Economy Transportation made trade easier both inland and in the sea Demand for more fertile and cotton started to rise England demanded it the most because of the rise of textile manufacturing Cheaper goods provided for the people

23 Introduction to Industrialism Introduction of the putting out system -> household factory system Textile manufacturing became the first factory system Role of women in the economy drastically changed Instead of working on weaving or textiles -> work at home taking care of the family Primitive form of Industrial Revolution - 1840

24 Analyze Primary Document The Harbinger, Female Workers at Lowell (1836) From the given document, what can you infer about the the role of women in society?

25 MCQ #3: What was the main reason for revolutionizing transportation? A. The move around the country quicker and cheaper than before. B. To provide the opportunity for the government to have the first steam engine installed to his carriage. C. Revolutionizing transportation made the other foreign countries to copy America D. Both A and B E. None of the above.

26 Sources

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