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Assistance to Firefighters Grant Fire Prevention and Safety.

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1 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Fire Prevention and Safety

2 Purpose Enhance the safety of the public and firefighters with respect to fire and fire-related hazards. Support Firefighter Safety Research and Development activities.

3 Program Overview Available Funding $30M for 2010 Up to $1M per award Eligible Applicants National, Regional, State, and local government agencies Non-profit organizations/NGO’s Academic Institutions

4 Application Process Step 1.Applicants start by assessing risk or vulnerabilities Step 2: All FP&S applicants go through the panel review process

5 Application Process Step 3: Technical review is conducted on applications that fare well in the panel review Step 4: Negotiations and/or requests for information are conducted AWARD!

6 Eligible Projects Smoke Alarm installation Public Education Code Enforcement/Awareness Fire & Arson Investigation Juvenile Fire-setter Projects Sprinkler Awareness General Prevention/Awareness

7 Firefighter Safety R&D Behavioral, clinical, and social science studies Database systems Technology and product development studies Research regarding Dissemination and Implementation of Effective Programs and Products

8 FP&S Funded Projects University of Kentucky Research Foundation Establish a comprehensive and interactive fire prevention program University of Miami Safe-T-Element® Cooking System Educate the university community on fire prevention and mitigation measures

9 FP&S Funded Projects Ohio University Safe-T-sensor® The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund Smoke Alarms for off-campus housing Fire safety education Updating code books

10 FP&S Funded Projects The Center for Campus Fire Safety Firewise Campus Project People’s Burn Foundation To Hell and Back III

11 FP&S Catalog Goal To provide a clearinghouse of information on FP&S awarded grants to assist new applicants with ideas and resources.

12 Database An database has been created to provide easy “access” to key essential elements found in successful grants Documentation and samples of FP&S deliverables Increased accountability FP&S Catalog

13 Library NFA Learning Resource Center FP&S deliverables onsite “Access” via catalog number for check out Hands on review of resources Grantee contact information for networking Onsite audio visual review capability FP&S Catalog



16 Resources 1-866-274-0960

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