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Session 71 Comparative Emergency Management Session 7 Slide Deck.

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1 Session 71 Comparative Emergency Management Session 7 Slide Deck

2 Session 72 Session Objectives 1.Understand the difference between a hazard and a disaster, and the various methods of categorizing hazards 2.Discuss the Natural Hazard Category 3.Discuss the Technological Hazard Category 4.Discuss the Intentional Hazard Category

3 Session 73 Hazards Events or physical conditions that have the potential to cause fatalities, injuries, property damage, infrastructure damage, agricultural loss, damage to the environment, interruption of business, or other types of harm or loss

4 Session 74 Disasters Occur when a hazard risk is realized To be considered disastrous, the realized hazard must overwhelm the response capability of the organizational-level for which the disaster is defined

5 Session 75 Disasters Measured By: Lives Lost Injuries Sustained Property Damaged or Lost Environmental Degredation

6 Session 76 Natural Hazards Tectonic Hazards Earthquakes Volcanoes Tsunamis Mass Movement Hazards Landslides Rock Falls Debris Flows Avalanches Land Subsidence Expansive Soils

7 Session 77 Natural Hazards Hydrologic Hazards Floods Drought

8 Session 78 Natural Hazards Extreme Cold Extreme Heat Wind Storms Sand Storms Wild Fire Thunder Storms Fog El Niño / La Niña Climate Change Meteorological Hazards Tropical Cyclones Monsoons Tornadoes Ice Storms Severe Winter Storms Hail Storms Frost

9 Session 79 Natural Hazards Biological / Health Related Hazards Human Epidemics Livestock Epidemics Plant / Agricultural Epidemics

10 Session 710 Technological Hazards Transportation Hazards Transportation Infrastructure Disasters Airline Accidents Rail Accidents Maritime Accidents Roadway Accidents

11 Session 711 Technological Hazards Infrastructure Hazards Power Failures Telecommunications System Failures Critical Water or Sewer System Failures Major Gas Distribution Line Breaks Dam Failure Food Shortage Overburdened Public Health Facilities Economic Failure

12 Session 712 Technological Hazards Industrial Hazards Hazardous Materials Processing and Storage Accidents Raw Materials Extraction Accidents Structural Fires and Failures

13 Session 713 Intentional Hazards Terrorism Civil Unrest Stampedes Crime War

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