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CAS: Central Instrument for Managing for Results.

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1 CAS: Central Instrument for Managing for Results

2 The Bank’s Country Assistance Strategy: Central Instrument for Managing for Results Erika Jorgensen, OPCS

3 February 24, 20053 “ RESULTS FOCUS IN COUNTRY ASSISTANCE STRATEGIES: A STOCKTAKING OF RESULTS-BASED CASs ” A paper for the Board, scheduled for March 10 informal discussion Based on interviews, document review, Board comments, lessons already compiled

4 February 24, 20054 WHAT? A Country Assistance Strategy that contains a strong orientation toward achieving realistic outcomes and a results-oriented monitoring and evaluation system

5 February 24, 20055 WHAT? (continued) Pilot phase launched by 2003 CAS Retro 7 official pilots, only 2 in MICs Spontaneous mainstreaming Africa Region mainstreams September 2003

6 February 24, 20056 FROM WHERE? Results Agenda Shareholders and stakeholders Drive for modernization and simplification

7 February 24, 20057 WHY? Better definition of Bank ’ s impact Fill in the “ missing middle ” Better strategy, with higher chances of success and greater development effectiveness Strengthen ‘ pillars ’ of the CAS

8 February 24, 20058 Impact on the CAS of a Greater Focus on Results

9 February 24, 20059 WHAT (again) ? Results framework logical links between country goals and Bank activities Results Matrix summary of framework in CAS document Outcomes, milestones, and indicators Capacity constraints

10 February 24, 200510 Example of a Results Chain for a CAS Results Framework

11 February 24, 200511 Schematic of the CAS Results Framework

12 February 24, 200512 CAS Results Matrix: Excerpt from Cameroon CAS

13 February 24, 200513 Tracking of CAS Results

14 February 24, 200514 HOW? Session 2a “ Managing for Results in Country Programming ” 11:30-1.00 p.m MC13-121

15 February 24, 200515 WHEN? Timing of Development of the Results-Based CAS Pilots

16 February 24, 200516 ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS? Findings of the Pilot Phase Contribution, not attribution Results delivered by ongoing portfolio Outcomes will be limited in some cases Initial CAS Completion Report rethinking the previous CAS Statistical capacity is crucial

17 February 24, 200517 Average CAS Design Cost for Full CASs, FY00-04 ($'000)

18 February 24, 200518 DO WE KNOW WHAT WE ’ RE DOING? Emerging good practice CAS as roadmap core set of outcomes and indicators balance availability and relevance in selecting indicators limit outcomes to fit country circumstances adaptability and experimentation in MICs

19 February 24, 200519 DO WE KNOW WHAT WE ’ RE DOING (cont.)? participation and early start improve CAS Completion Reports ’ contribution to next CAS initial CAS CR Retrofitting should be limited monitoring during implementation results focus in CPPR annual reviews of progress

20 February 24, 200520 WHEN (again)? Next steps Guidance and learning BP 2.11 guidelines for staff good practice Ratings in CAS Completion Reports

21 February 24, 200521 MORE QUESTIONS Challenges going forward Managing expectations identifying CAS outcomes quality of results frameworks Statistical capacity Aiming at simplicity and flexibility further experimentation in MICs emphasis on simplicity

22 February 24, 200522 MORE QUESTIONS (cont.) Incentives that support results results vs. deliveries near-term focus quality of interventions continuity Overloading of the CAS Countries ’ capacity to manage for results

23 February 24, 200523 RESOURCES AND FURTHER LEARNING Board paper CAS Academy (March 16-17) Frontiers in Bank Operations OPCS and Regional websites Pilot teams OPCS staff

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