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Operations Portal & Client Connection: Real-time Project Management Tool.

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1 Operations Portal & Client Connection: Real-time Project Management Tool

2 Operations Solutions

3 Context Operations Solutions Demo Agenda

4 Document Managemen t Statistical Data ImageBank/WDS Team Activity Rooms Knowledge Management Data Warehouse Dashboard Project Db Travel Request Budget Info Project Info SAPPeopleSoft Intranet, Extranets External Web Task Manager Mission Preparation Notes E-mail and Doc Libraries Fixed  business systems integration  structured data & reports  process streamlined  global deployment Challenges  Usability — multiple passwords, inconsistent results — inconsistent interface designs  Integration — multiple publishing processes (Intranet, Extranet, External Web) — inability to search across different repositories — standalone databases  Security — inconsistent security model  Resistance to Change — complexity and speed of change — paper files, black books fixed being fixed i = integration?

5 Key Challenges Ease of Use: staff are frustrated with the complexity and number of stand-alone and dissimilar systems they have to deal with just to manage their work; change management costs are high impacting business flexibility Information Overload: staff find it difficult to find the information they need to manage their work -- even if it already exists within the Bank Process Simplification: institutional simplification initiatives are demanding flexible and integrated technology solutions that can accommodate integrated business processes across and beyond the institution while also supporting customization on demand Collaborative Work: the growing need for effective collaborative tools for virtual teams (task teams) and distributed functions (Country Offices) needs to be enabled by technology Knowledge & Learning: we need to improve the relevance and quality of work by creating a knowledge and learning environment for staff that is tightly integrated with work and business processes

6 Operations Portal

7 The Project Portal gave task teams access to information in an integrated web-based workspace that simplified day-to-day project management It was launched on July 7 th 2003 for Investment Lending projects and included support for lending simplification – e.g. new lending documentation and processes (PCN, PAD, ISDS, PID, etc) It was re-branded as the Operations Portal and expanded to support GEF, Development Policy Lending, and Global Programs. Plans are underway to add support for CAS, ESW, TA, Carbon Fund, Guarantees, etc -- over 50 Bank product lines Functionality is also being deepened to include full project cycle process support (ISR Reform, ICR Reform), strengthened collaboration tools, and a new knowledge center New role-based portals are being added to complete the suite Operations Solutions

8 The Operations Portal provides task teams with an e- workplace that simplifies management of Bank operations by integrating information, tools, transactions, and guidelines into a task and team specific workspace. Current modules include: 1.Dashboard – key project information at a glance 2.Roadmap – project cycle including PCN, PAD, ISR, etc 3.Monitoring – alerts, budget, financing, procurement, disbursements, audit, legal, tranches, triggers, trust funds, etc 4.Documents – project file, correspondence, legal agreements 5.Collaboration – team, contacts, agencies, calendar, discussion Components

9 Process Support Identification & Preparation Appraisal, Negotiations & Board Country Assistance Strategy Implementation Evaluation Completion Activity Initiation Summary, Project Concept Note, Project Information Document, Review Meeting, Mission TOR, Mission BTOR, etc Activity Update Summary, Project Appraisal Document, ISDS, CDD, QER, Program Document, Project Information Document, Decision Meeting, etc Implementation Status Report, Alerts, Budget, Procurement, Disbursements, Tranches, Triggers, Audit System, SOPE, etc Implementation Completion Report Policies, Procedures, Templates, Guidelines, Good Practice examples, etc Completed: 1.Investment Lending 2.Development Policy Lending 3.Global Environmental Fund 4.Global Programs Coming Soon: 1.Guarantees 2.Carbon Finance 3.Economic & Sector Work 4.Non-Lending TA 5.Country Assistance Strategy 6.etc

10 Dashboard


12 Partnership approach driven by OPCS and ISG that includes numerous stakeholders: Regions Networks Central Units e.g. CRM, GPP, and OED Linkages with numerous institutional initiatives including: eTrust Funds Client Connection Knowledge and Learning Disclosure People Pages iLAP The Operations Portal provides an integration hub for processes and stakeholders that participate in delivering front- line work -- a valuable institutional asset Collaborative Approach

13 Demo

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