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EAP Task Force Water Programme: Plans for 2009-11 Peter Börkey Head of Programme World Bank, 29 May 2009, Brussels.

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1 EAP Task Force Water Programme: Plans for Peter Börkey Head of Programme World Bank, 29 May 2009, Brussels

2 "Environment for Europe" process 1993 Lucerne Ministerial: –Environmental Action Plan for Central and Eastern Europe –Task Force co-chaired by EC and an CEE country –Secretariat at OECD –Focus: reforming policies, integration and financing 1998 Aarhus Ministerial: EAP Task Force and REC CEE - join Secretariat for CEE and NIS ; OECD mandate to re-focus on EECCA countries 2003 Kiev Ministerial: EECCA Partnership Strategy –In cooperation with OECD countries/EU, IFIs, International Organisations, RECs, NGOs –OECD/EAP Task Force: to “lead efforts to facilitate and support…achievement of objectives…” 2007 Belgrade Ministerial: Assessment of Progress

3 Current Organisation EAP TASK FORCE OECD, CEE and EECCA countries International Organisations NGOs and others OECD/EAP TF Secretariat Policy REPIN Water Group of Senior Officials

4 Methods of Work First-hand experience and info exchange among experts; Policy guidelines/best practices through dialogue and analysis; Direct support to countries through in-country analysis and demonstration projects; Training and capacity building; Promoting partnerships with other sectors, local government, NGOs, private sector and with donors; Reporting on progress to Ministers

5 Water programme - Background Two Conferences of Ministers of Economy/Finance and Environment, Almaty 2000 and Yerevan 2005 – Guiding Principles for Sector Reform Close cooperation with the EU Water Initiative – Joint meetings with EAP TF Group of Senior Officials since 2005; overseeing common work programme Involvement of NGOs and the private sector Secretariat resources: 3 experts and an assistant Challenges to be addressed: –Continued deterioration of water and sanitation services in most EECCA countries –Insufficient reforms to ensure financial sustainability –Lack of capacity at local and central levels –Lack of data to support sound policy making

6 The overall objective Support the achievement of the water-related MDGs in the EECCA region Focus on cross-cutting issues, with a high potential to simultaneously contribute to: Monitoring reforms Managing the water sector more efficiently National Policy Dialogue on Financial reforms

7 Programme of work for National Policy Dialogues Help ensure that sector strategies are financially realistic and that available financial resources are used in the most effective way Supporting National Policy Dialogue on financing water supply and sanitation –NPD in Moldova and Kyrgyzstan focusing on development and implementation of a sector financing strategy for WSS- link to MTEF Improving FEASIBLE and extending methodology to IWRM –Expert workshop to work on methodology for IWRM –NPD on IWRM financing in pilot country –Further improvements of FEASIBLE

8 Programme of work for Managing the water sector Support the establishment of water utilities as autonomous, commercially-run entities Guidelines for performance-based contracts –Assistance to municipalities in EECCA Policy Dialogue on Public-Private Partnerships –Stakeholder workshops (first in second half of 2009) –Analytical paper to take stock of recent experience –Country self-assessments using OECD Checklist for Public Action (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan)

9 Programme of work for Managing the water sector Development of Financial Planning capacity at local level –Dissemination of training package (http://www.water-finance- Dialogue on measures to achieve economies of scale –EUWI National Policy Dialogue in Ukraine –Develop guidelines/checklist

10 Programme of work for Monitoring Reforms To support water sector reform and to monitor progress in this regard, including monitoring progress in achieving the water-related Millennium Development Goals 1.1 Monitoring Progress in implementing the water- related MDGs –Collecting water utility performance data and information about institutional and legal reforms in several EECCA country –Publishing of country report and data on World Bank’s IB-Net website –Report assessing progress towards the MDGs in EECCA for 2011 Environment for Europe Ministerial in Astana

11 Joint EUWI-EAP TF Group of Senior Officials meeting in 2009 Organised jointly with Romanian MoEnv Chair of EUWI Preliminary ideas for the agenda: –Discussion of IWRM financing –Discussion of measures to achieve economies of scale –Discussion of progress in achieving the water MDGs Location: Bucharest Planned for November 2009

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