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Education Advisory Service and Education Web Services Highlights of FY05 Work Program.

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1 Education Advisory Service and Education Web Services Highlights of FY05 Work Program

2 Main Achievements of FY04 The objective the EAS and Education Web Services is to provide effective Knowledge Sharing in support of Bank education operations by offering timely and reliable education information and knowledge and effectively communicating the work of the World Bank in education. The EAS continued to provide effective service delivery and received high rankings in the QAG Sector Board Assessment which pointed to staff’s viewing EAS services as useful. Also, work on the web deems attention as visitor sessions continued to increase and several sites were enhanced over the last FY. Main EAS and Web Services areas of responsibility included: Response to demand driven services - queries & special requests for assistance Pro-active information sharing - newsletters, outreach and training activities; KM activities – website development and maintenance, CD Rom production, regional KM outreach initiatives, and assistance with the organization of HDNED resources.

3 Key Objectives for FY05 In FY05, EAS and Education Web Services team will: Develop a KM Strategy Respond to information and knowledge needs of internal and external clients with focus on decreasing number of external queries and increase number of interanal queries; Work with HDNED to develop better web resources and increase focus on web maintenance to help ensure that web is used as an effective communications and knowledge sharing tool; Coordinate Education KM initiatives and outreach to regional counterparts, internal and external information providers; Providing better KM services such as pro-active information sharing services, CD roms and alike.

4 Highlights of FY05 Work Program to Achieve Objectives KM Strategy Conduct KM Assessment and use results to development KM Strategy. Increase coordination of web content and demand for information In an effort to help curve EAS queries work with web coordinator to ensure that EAS FAQs are posted on external web & that relevant Knowledge Nuggets are posted on internal web. Migrate to UCM and ISP Use new Advisory Service Tracking Tool and Web Publishing Tool to assist with coordination of web and EAS. Work with sector experts to develop on-line resources and use web as an effective communications tool. Outreach to Regional Counterparts and information providers Conduct outreach activities to regional counterparts to advertise EAS services, provide orientation and training sessions and help coordinate effective education KM initiatives through cross support activities, collaborative KM programs and internal and external partnerships. Develop KM products and procedures Work to develop KM products and procedures such as External Education Newsletter, streamline process of internal information sharing, CD Roms, websites, publications coordination, distribution list management and alike.

5 How the Work Program Supports Jean-Louis’ Stated Direction for HDN and Responds to Regional Clients’ Needs Response to Regional Clients’ Needs Queries based on demand from regions and external education clients Strategic outreach will help link EAS/Web and to regional knowledge and needs Cross support to regions (OERU, AVU) Help promote work HDN is spearheading and help make knowledge more readily available for TM and the general public. Better access to EAS Knowledge Nuggets and education ESW/AAA along with better coordination of web resources. Help ensure effective information sharing and link to various sources of knowledge and information. Strategic EAS Partnerships both internally with WBI, LAD, DEC, EXT, ISG and externally with major education information providers (attention paid to Southern groups) Help improve communications with clients and assist in internal functioning of network. Development of KM Strategy and internal KM procedures

6 How Success in Accomplishing the Work Program Will be Measured Web Migration of all websites to ISP Better organized web structure and architecture which reflects work of education at WB Increased and relevant web presence with updated/current content available on both internal and external websites Disabled old web pages with content migrated to relevant pages On-line availablility of FAQs and Knowledge Nuggets Systematized and sustainable web maintenance plan Continued increase in visitor sessions Queries Increased internal queries and Decreased external queries with link to web development General KM Services Better organization and systematization of HDNED knowledge and information Procedures for KM Products (IRIS, Publictions, Dist. Lists, CD Roms, Web updates) KM Strategy that links Learning, Quality, Web, Advisory Service, Publications, ESW/AAA, Regions and Hub Updated EDUFAM listing Possitive response to KM initiatives and products

7 Help We Need From Others in HDNED to Succeed Support with Queries Information regarding HDNED activity Understanding of structure and strategic direction (hub and HDNED) Development of sustainable Knowlege Capture mechanisms (HDNED and regional) Support on wed developments Better link to the regions Marketing of service by HDNED staff Support in development and implementation of KM Strategy

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