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The Cleaning Industrys Newest Ultimate Weapon InstaZorb® Absorbent.

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1 The Cleaning Industrys Newest Ultimate Weapon InstaZorb® Absorbent

2 INSTAZORB ABSORBENT 100% natural mineral absorbent that does not release the absorbed liquid Instant result – No need to wait! Pour, sweep, et dispose of! Economical – A 1.8 cu.ft bag absorbs up to 10 gallons of liquid and avoids detergent and water usage Light – One 50 Liter bag weights approximately 5kg ISO 14001 v. 2004 – more than 50% savings on waste disposal costs Anti-slip and non abrasive

3 INTERVENTION COMPARISON Classical Method Push cart, detergents, bucket, water (clean and/or dirty), mop, scoop, broom, cones ou warning board signs Possible contact with avec glass debris and/or chemicals Time of intervention 5 to 10 minutes (pick up and clean up) + drying time of 5 to 10 minutes General usage of automatic industrial floor cleaning machine INSTAZORB Method Push cart, InstaZorb of 1.8 cu.ft (12 lbs.), broom and scoop No contact with glass debris or liquide Time of intervention 1 to 3 minutes (pick up) Drying time is instant (0 minutes) Only a once a day usage of the automatic industrial floor cleaning machine

4 Competitive edge for XXX to clients perception Efficiency and Safety, Does not penalize access to merchandise shelves and cashier lanes in case of an accidental spillage permiting to maintain sales and cashier flow. Therefore, InstaZorb offers a real competitive edge in regards to your clients perception, especially when helping maintaining purchases and cashier flow and therefore guaranteeing customer satisfaction Reduces to a near zero slip and fall incidents Makes rapid intervention possible on all accidental spillage or leak situation Allows fast response to « DRY » Clean in regards to the clients storage facility where timing is crucial, especially with loading docks Respect of the enviroment: Respects the new ISO 26000 regulation, Supermarkets want to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing waste water and detergent usage and employees well being

5 Quantitative and qualitative advantages In order to absorb a spillage, the average price to absorb one liter of spilled liquid with InstaZorb is of 0,75 USD/Qt. Average usage for a 50000 sq.ft supermarket is half a bag/day Cleaning time is reduced to at least 4 times. This allows to review the number of personnel on the site (possible reallocation) and to remain competitive concerning the competition for contract renewal year after year Significant reductions in the use of detergents, water, and industrial automatic floor cleaning machines Potential liability reductions with insurance premiums in regards to slip and fall injuries

6 Potential Gains IMAGE (Strategic Vision) InnovativeSafetyEnvironmentalEconomicalEfficient

7 REDUCTION in SUPLLY PURCHASES MopsBrooms Warning Cones or equivalent board signs Detergents Water usage Using automated cleaning machine

8 Productivity optimization Reduction of work related accidents due to contact with glass debris or chemical liquids. By using InstaZorb, one will never be exposed to either Ergonomics and ease of use, which makes InstaZorb an « obvious » solution for all spillage situations Considerable time savings for each intervention. This results in an optimization of resource management for new contracts or established customers (optimization of the profit margin)

9 InstaZorb demo video & Real live demonstration to follow

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