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Why mobile matters CS4032/CS5011 Mobile Computing image credit.

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1 Why mobile matters CS4032/CS5011 Mobile Computing http://russellbeattie.com image credit

2 Yes, angry birds makes money $100,000 to develop returns $1m month from gamers and $1m month from advertising

3 Bruce Scharlau, University of Aberdeen, 2009 Is an iphone capable app enough? 24 June 2007

4 iphone Is the Guardian satisfied? Guardian app downloaded 214,000 times

5 Mobile is more than iphone Guardian mobile site has 3m unique visitors a month Web reaches Other parts

6 Mobile web reaches 3.4bn people half the world

7 Mobile money is bigger than app sales $11.5 in 2010 on mobile ads beats App store’s $1.5bn

8 Mobilize sites for better UI Rely upon browser: do nothing Use only basic tags Basic tags + mobile CSS Wurfl or roll your own

9 Deliver mobile content with help

10 Don’t forget $105bn SMS business Provides direct connection to 88% of developed world households and 51% in developing world

11 This is what you do next Read these Research this

12 Follow the stories and background Blogs for stats and opinions on topics Forums and mail lists Forum Oxford Mobile Applications Panel Mobile Monday London mail list Mobile web stats

13 Mobile is more important in developing countries Mobiles provide functionality we take for granted with respect to: internet, PCs etc The developing world is “more mobile” than the developed world. OMMUNICATIONANDTECHNOLOGIES/Resources/IC4D-2012- Report.pdf

14 Mobile provides income in developing world People can build small to growing businesses as well as participate in work via their mobile: Rent access to their handset, find work, provide mobile services, etc

15 Mobile provides income for women in developing world Women can buy handset with small loan and sell airtime to community, or other work via mobile and thus provide better income for family – more reliable than husband income -> better for children

16 Mobile provides market information From farmers to fisherman can check the market prices for crop and catches before selling so have options for ‘where’ and also ‘when’ to sell

17 Mobile provides learning Education programmes built around SMS and other apps for basic handsets which children (and parents) can use to improve themselves

18 Mobile improves government Public can find information better and government can inform public better so government works better

19 Mobile provides options People can have choices and change their situation with the spread of mobiles and the services they bring

20 Mobile is more than apps Mobile is life and opportunities Mobile reduces friction

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