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The Vichy Government Ariel Dastoli

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1 The Vichy Government Ariel Dastoli
An Easy Take Over? The Vichy Government Ariel Dastoli

2 Overview The Nazis forced the French to move to Vichy, France. They there were forced to cooperate with the Nazis. While many French rebelled, the leaders that worked with the Nazis were known as the Vichy Government.

3 Who? The French people have been taken over by the Nazi Party
Leader: Marshal Henri Philippe Petain De’Gaulle a leader who thought France should keep on fighting.

4 What? The Nazis took over the French people and kicked them out of their homes. Many French rebelled against the Nazis. The French were forced to cooperate with the Nazis.

5 When? The Nazis invaded on June 16, 1940.
The French were free from the Nazis rule in 1944.


7 All From:

8 Significance to War This take over caused the French to become against the Nazis and the rise of Hitler. Because they were poorly treated, the French were put into World War II.

9 Other Notes Originally, French leaders wanted to cooperate with the Nazis. Many French rebelled, known as Free French Movement. Petain was often criticized of his old age; he was 84 years old when entering World War II.

10 Highlights/ Quiz 1. When was France taken over? A: June 16, 1940.
2. Who were the Vichy Government? A: French leaders who worked with the Nazi Party. 3. Where did most of the French move to? A: They moved to Vichy, France

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