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America and the Great War

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1 America and the Great War
AP US History East High School Mr. Peterson Spring 2009

2 Collapse of European Peace
Competing alliances Anglo-German rivalry Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

3 Wilson’s Neutrality Remain “neutral in thought as well as deed.”-Wilson Impossible Split sympathies Reports of German atrocities Economic ties to Britain Submarine warfare Sinking of Lusitania (1916) Sussex attacked Germans relent 1198 people, 128 Americans killed when Lusitania sank



6 Preparedness vs. Pacifism
Pressure from fellow progressives Ethnic pressures 1916 election “What did we do? What did we do?...We didn’t go to war!” “He kept us out of war.” TR for war Bryan and Lafollette, German and Irish-Americans against war


8 A War for Democracy Wilson calls for “peace without victory”
Zimmermann Telegram (Feb. 1917) Russian Revolution topples Czar (March 1917) Germans torpedo 3 American ships War declared April 6, 1917 “a war to end all wars” “a concert of free peoples…shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free.”

9 The American Expeditionary Force
Selective Service Act Led by John J. Pershing Trench warfare in France Assist French in repelling German assaults Château-Thierry Rheims Meuse-Argonne Offensive Germans surrender November 11, 1918 Armistice Day War at a stalemate British losing 1 of 4 ships American and British navy escorts reduce toll Only 120,000 active soldiers/80,000 in National Guard Selective Service brings almost 3 million into army, 2 million volunteer Women in navy and marines 400,000 blacks enlisted or drafted into army and navy More ammunition used in 7 weeks of Meuse-Argonne offensive than in entire Civil War

10 Gen. Pershing Inspects the Troops at Chaumont Accompanied by Capt
Gen. Pershing Inspects the Troops at Chaumont Accompanied by Capt. George S. Patton


12 New Technology of Warfare
Machine guns Higher-powered artillery Tanks Flame throwers Chemical weapons Mustard gas Gas masks required Motorized vehicles Airplanes Zeppelins New battleships Torpedoes High casualty rates


14 Americas first ace: Capt
Americas first ace: Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker shot down 26 enemy aircraft in World War I and earned the Medal of Honor for his actions. His feats, and those of other Allied fliers, ushered in an era of air-to-air combat that changed the role of aircraft in military operations forever, and helped establish the need for control of the air during wartime.

15 High Casualty Rates British Empire 1,000,000 France 1,700,000
Germany 2,000,000 Austro-Hungarian 1,500,000 Russia 1,700,000 Italy ,000 United States ,000 Half of US dead from flu

16 America and the Great War
AP US History East High School Mr. Peterson Spring 2009

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