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CS1022 Computer Programming & Principles Second In-Course Assessment.

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1 CS1022 Computer Programming & Principles Second In-Course Assessment

2 What (1) 20 questions on all topics – Multiple choice (one of many) – Multiple answers (many of many) – Open, numeric answers Random selection of questions and answer options – “Sharing” of experience not so useful... 2 CS1022

3 What (2) A useful “reality check” – A kind of “dry-run” for the exam in January – Which topics require more attention when revising Marking – 2.5 marks per correct answer – No penalty (negative marks) for incorrect answer Don’t lose big picture: – Assessment is worth 12.5% of marks for course – Not the end of your academic career if you don’t do well 3 CS1022

4 Where On-line – nowhere and everywhere... – MyAberdeen assessment area for CS1022 No need to be in Aberdeen, or in labs next week However, if taking assessment remotely: – You might experience connection problems – There is nothing we can do! – You cannot re-take the assessment 4 CS1022

5 When Any time – From 9AM Monday 16 December – To 5PM Friday 20 December 1 ½ hours (one hour and a half) to complete it – Session saved and closed automatically at the end 5 CS1022

6 How to prepare for the assessment Work through tutorials – All answer sheets are now available – Have a go at them and don’t just read the answers In-course assessment easier than tutorials – If you are comfortable with most tutorial questions you are fine... 6 CS1022

7 Some final words You are at Uni (alive?) to learn new stuff – It is OK not to know – It is not OK not to know what you don’t know... – More clearly: find out what you need to learn Gradually step out of you “comfort zone” – It’s fun to try different things Avoid the “panic paralysis”: – I don’t know, hence I will never know... – So I will curl into a ball and be miserable... Learn about your limitations, but also find out how to overcome these... 7 CS1022

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