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Welcome To Our Nutrition Club. 2 Who We Are Personal Wellness Coach We help people get healthy by: –Educating on proper nutrition –Improving eating habits.

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1 Welcome To Our Nutrition Club

2 2 Who We Are Personal Wellness Coach We help people get healthy by: –Educating on proper nutrition –Improving eating habits –Weight Management –Developing a healthy lifestyle –Achieving solid RESULTS!

3 3 Mexico 40,550 Centers Mexico 40,550 Centers US 9,006 Centers US 9,006 Centers South Africa 35 Centers South Africa 35 Centers Brazil 4,546 Centers Brazil 4,546 Centers Venezuela 171 Centers Venezuela 171 Centers India 382 Centers India 382 Centers Argentina 28 Centers Argentina 28 Centers Chile 52 Centers Chile 52 Centers Indonesia 133 Centers Indonesia 133 Centers Thailand 228 Centers Thailand 228 Centers Philippines 119 Centers Philippines 119 Centers Jamaica 455 Centers Jamaica 455 Centers Singapore 15 Centers Singapore 15 Centers Lesotho 21 Center Lesotho 21 Center Greece 8 Centers Greece 8 Centers Taiwan 1,305 Centers Taiwan 1,305 Centers Hong Kong 113 Centers Hong Kong 113 Centers Portugal 86 Centers Portugal 86 Centers Japan 242 Centers Japan 242 Centers Costa Rica 132 Centers Costa Rica 132 Centers Korea 2,019 Centers Korea 2,019 Centers Netherlands 12 Centers Netherlands 12 Centers Russia 95 Centers Russia 95 Centers Panama 129 Centers Panama 129 Centers Turkey 20 Centers Turkey 20 Centers Switzerland 24 Centers Switzerland 24 Centers Ecuador 405 Centers Ecuador 405 Centers Colombia 500 Centers Colombia 500 Centers Spain 120 Centers Spain 120 Centers Israel 21 Center Israel 21 Center Croatia 1 Center Croatia 1 Center Italy 83 Centers Italy 83 Centers Peru 396 Centers Peru 396 Centers Malaysia 174 Centers Malaysia 174 Centers Bolivia 307 Centers Bolivia 307 Centers Germany 201 Centers Germany 201 Centers Poland 3 Centers Poland 3 Centers UK 1 Centers UK 1 Centers Ireland 2 Centers Ireland 2 Centers Finland 24 Centers Finland 24 Centers Austria 26 Centers Austria 26 Centers Hungry 2 Centers Hungry 2 Centers China 329 Centers China 329 Centers Honduras 107 Centers Honduras 107 Centers Guatemala 66 Centers Guatemala 66 Centers El Salvador 45 Centers El Salvador 45 Centers Nicaragua 70 Centers Nicaragua 70 Centers Polynesia 32 Centers Polynesia 32 Centers Botswana 2 Center Botswana 2 Center Zambia 1 Center Zambia 1 Center France 3 Centers France 3 Centers New Zealand 1 Centers New Zealand 1 Centers Australia 3 Centers Australia 3 Centers CIS 69 Centers CIS 69 Centers Sweden 2 Centers Sweden 2 Centers Norway 15 Centers Norway 15 Centers Over 70,000 Clubs Worldwide!! Nutrition Clubs Around the World Vietnam 18 Centers Vietnam 18 Centers

4 4 Wellness Profile What we will cover today: 1.Health & Lifestyle Survey 2.Body Composition Scan and Analysis 1.Explain what the numbers mean 2.Find out what your magic number is 3.Your Typical Daily Diet 4.Talk about challenges and provide solutions

5 Conduct Wellness Profile

6 About our Company

7 7 Herbalife - #1 in the Wellness Industry In business for 30 years 65 million customers NYSE With record retail sales of over $4 Billion in 2010 An environmentally responsible company

8 8 Corporate Office at L.A. Live

9 9 Asia Pacific AustraliaMalaysia ChinaNew Zealand Hong KongPhilippines IndiaSingapore JapanTaiwan KoreaThailand Macau Vietnam Europe Austria Finland IsraelRussia Belgium France ItalySlovak Republic Croatia Germany LatviaSpain Cyprus Greece LithuaniaSweden Czech Republic HungaryNetherlands SwitzerlandDenmarkIcelandPoland Turkey EstoniaIrelandPortugal Ukraine RomaniaUnited Kingdom Africa Botswana Lesotho Namibia South Africa Swaziland Zambia Latin America ArgentinaEl Salvador BoliviaGuatemala BrazilHonduras ChileJamaica ColombiaPanama Costa RicaPeru Dominican Republic EcuadorVenezuela North America Canada Mexico United States Herbalife Worldwide 76 Countries

10 10 Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Laboratory at U.C.L.A Founder, Mark Hughes

11 11 Nobel Prize Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

12 12 Herbalife Sponsorships Leo Messi

13 13 Herbalife Sponsored Athletes

14 14 1. Provides the body with all vital nutrients and water 2. Provides more energy from proteins and not all from carbohydrates 3. Balances the bodys energy levels Besides, this program helps: the bodys natural self cleansing process to improve absorption of nutrients to maintain water balance during the day. Healthy Meal or Breakfast Program

15 15 Herbal Aloe drink Full of vital nutrients – over 75 nutrients Full of vital nutrients – over 75 nutrients Aids digestive process Aids digestive process Improves nutrient absorption* Improves nutrient absorption*

16 16 Herbal Concentrate Tea High in Antioxidants Increase Energy Improve Digestion Burns Fat Boost Metabolism Low in calories Herbal Tea Concentrate Delicious instant tea with the antioxidant and Thermogenic benefits of green tea and fast-acting botanicals for energy and weight-management support. Peach, Raspberry, Lemon or Plain

17 17 Start your day with a delicious, nutritious Herbalife shake! 7 different flavors to choose from! French Vanilla, Wild Berry, Cookies n Cream, Pina Colada, Dutch Chocolate, Café Latte, and Tropical Fruit

18 18 Formula 1: Nutritional Shake Mix A nutritious meal replacement shake mix with soy protein including up to 19 essential vitamins and minerals, plus herbs * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 1 As part of a program that includes healthy meals and exercise Key Benefits A healthy meal for balanced nutrition Manage weight Gain better health Get 16.5g of protein and healthy fiber Nourish your body with Cellular Nutrition French Vanilla, Cookies n Cream, Café Latte, Pina Colada, Tropical Fruit, Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry

19 19 Formula 1 Shake has MORE Vitamins & Nutrients then all these foods combined!

20 20 Healthy Meal or Breakfast Results from Day 1 Increased energy Appetite under control Healthy digestion Sound sleep General sense of well-being

21 21 Results after 3 days: 1.98% result in better sleep patterns 2.60% reduction in belly inflammation and digestive issues 3.98% energy soars and fatigue is gone 4.Improved mental health, decrease in depression and a sense of wellbeing

22 Real People Real Results

23 23 Ken LOST 29 lbs & Leticia LOST 34 lbs & went from size 12 to size 4

24 24 Nancy LOST 16 POUNDS & size 4 to a size 0/1 in only 5 months

25 25 Luke LOST 21.5 POUNDS & 4 PANT SIZES in just 49 days

26 26 Caroline lost 20 lbs – Size 12 to size 4 in 3 months

27 27 Craig lost 42 lbs in 3 months

28 28 BEFORE 204 Pounds AFTER 158 Pounds LOST 46 Pounds

29 29 Joanna Weight loss, Energy Up & Constipation Gone

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33

34 34 Jim lost 402 lbs in 19 months

35 35

36 36 Build Muscle & Gain 18 lbs in 3 months

37 37

38 38 Improved Skin

39 39 What 3 things about your health would you like to improve?

40 40 The Healthy Meal Take Home Kit Healthy Meal (Small) Formula 1 (30 meals) Herbal Aloe Small Tea (30 servings) Protein Drink Mix Healthy Meal (Large) Formula 1 (30 meals) Herbal Aloe Large Tea (60 servings) Protein Drink Mix Formula 1 Healthy meal Nutritional Shake Mix A healthy Meal with up to 19 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients Protein and healthy fiber for weight management Herbal Tea Concentrate Antioxidant and Thermogenic benefits of green tea and botanicals Energy boost and burns fats Protein Drink Mix 24 vitamins and minerals 15g of heart-healthy Just 5g of carbs Herbal Aloe Concentrate Soothes digestion Improves nutrient absorption Total$ Total$ Drinking 2 Smoothies a day…. Add an extra canister of Formula 1 for only $41 OR have one of your Smoothies here at the Club with a 10+1 Pre-Paid Membership Card for $50

41 41 Achieve your Weight Management Goals: Which will you choose? Fast, Faster or Fastest? The QuickStart Program: Fast Results Includes: Formula 1 Shake, Formula 2 Multivitamin, Formula 3 Cell Activator, Small Herbal Concentrate Tea QuickStart:Plus Herbal Aloe:Plus Protein Drink Mix:Plus PDM & Aloe: $120.99$150.34$169.56$ The Advanced Program: Faster Results Includes QuickStart Program, plus Total Control and Cell-U-Loss Advanced:Plus Herbal Aloe:Plus Protein Drink Mix:Plus PDM & Aloe: $180.23$211.60$230.81$ The Ultimate Program: The Fastest Results The Advanced Program, plus Thermo-Bond, Aminogen, Snack Defense Ultimate:Plus Herbal Aloe:Plus Protein Drink Mix:Plus PDM & Aloe: $249.13$280.51$299.73$ Prices include tax, shipping and handling Which one is best for you to start with today?

42 42 Nutrition Club Membership Package Prepaid Membership Value Package $50 10 Day Prepaid Membership & receive 1 DAY FREE You will receive… 1)Personal coaching & education on living a healthier life 2)Aloe, Tea & Smoothie during your visit 3)On your way to more energy, initial cleansing, and good nutrition PLUS 4)Follow up Comprehensive Body Analysis on 7th day ($100 Value) 5) FREE Dr. Komadina Product DVD ($9.95 Value) 6)Better value with ONE DAY FREE! 7)Deeper cleanse with even better results

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