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Magnetic Travel By Matheus Oliveira AndDaniel Yelamos.

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1 Magnetic Travel By Matheus Oliveira AndDaniel Yelamos

2 The Maglev Train History In the 1960s in Britain Eric Laithwaite developed a functional maglev train. His maglev had 1.6 km of track and was in detail tested. His research was stopped in 1973 because lack of money and his progress was not enough. In the 1970s, Germany and Japan also began research and after some failures both nations developed mature technologies in the 1990s……………………………………..

3 The Maglev Train The Maglev Train is one of the fastest transport media in the whole world. The maximum speed reached for a Maglev train has been 581 km\h in Japan. The Maglev Train uses magnets to reach a really high velocity. It doesnt touch the floor. It levitates because the magnets. Maglev is a short for Magnetic Levitation.

4 How does it work A maglev train floats about 10mm above the guidway on a magnetic field. It is propelled by the guidway itself rather than an onboard engine by changing magnetic fields Once the train is pulled into the next section the magnetism switches so that the train is pulled on again. The Electro-magnets run the length of the guideway.

5 It works like this

6 Advantages of a maglev Train The German Transrapid is about 20 times safer han airplanes 250 times safer than conventional railroads 700 times safer than automobile travel Speeds up to 500 km/h. A accident between two maglev trains is nearly impossible because the linear induction motors prevent trains running in opposite directions.

7 The Maglev Train and Society The Scientifics want the Maglev train to be fast and economical. They want it to be something that anyone can use. The big problem about this is that the pieces for the maglev are really expensive The procedure to build it up is very expensive as well

8 The Maglev Train and Environment The Maglev train doesnt contaminate a lot. It doesnt need any kind of fuel. It doesnt send out any CO2.

9 The Maglev Train and Politics The government has a big relationship with the Maglev Train. It gives the money to the Scientifics so they research about it. The Maglev train researchers use the government figure for some kind of advertisement.

10 The Maglev Train and Culture The Maglev Train has helped the people in some countries to think better about the travel by train. I think it wouldnt have worked in USA because it is a bigger country that is developing and that is focusing now in other industries. They also have plains that connect every main city. It is easy to travel in America.

11 Bibliography Wikipedia maglev-train-work.shtml http://www.o- Book: The mistery of Magnets

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