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Life’s More Fun with Happy Joints and Healthy Bones

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2 Life’s More Fun with Happy Joints and Healthy Bones
Dr. Hugh and Gwen Jenkins

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10 Transformational Habit of Health
A natural, holistic pathway to lasting health and wellness.

11 Dr. Hugh and Gwen Jenkins
NSP Regional Managers with NSP 32 years Owners of The Total Balance Wellness Center Dallas-Chicago Dr. Hugh Jenkins, ND, DC, BTA Clinician Naturopathic and Chiropractic Physician Gwendolyn Richie Jenkins Whole Foods Chef Author of “Recipes for a Southern Lifestyle”

12 Skeletal System Our Supportive Framework
Bones Bone Marrow Teeth Joints Tendons Ligaments Muscles

13 Bone Facts Bones are dense connective tissue. Honeycomb-like, 3-dimensional structure. Lightweight, strong and hard. 206 bones in the human body. Bones are alive!

14 Bone Marrow Functions Red Marrow Generates stem cells
Red blood cells, platelets and most white blood cells Resides in the skull, ribs, shoulder blades, vertebrae, breastbone and hip bones

15 Teeth Baby teeth develop during the 6th week of pregnancy. Permanent teeth during the 20th week of pregnancy.

16 Teeth These are critical times for excellent nutrient and mineral intake. Black Walnut, Skeletal Strength, Horsetail, Omega 3. If this window of opportunity closes without proper nutrients, teeth may fail to develop or will be missing. Note: Mention mineral content of the herbs, supplements

17 Joints-Ligaments-Tendons
Two bones connect and have range of motion. Cartilage cushions connecting bones. Joint Capsule is a soft tissue envelope that cushions and provides smooth movement between bones

18 Joints-Ligaments-Tendons
Ligaments Strong stabilizing sheets or bands of connective tissue anchor joints/bones to bone

19 Joints-Ligaments-Tendons
Tendons Bands that connect muscle to the bone and can withstand tension.

20 Structural Challenges
Osteoporosis A “silent” disease where bones lose their mass, become weaker and heighten the possibility of bone fracture.

21 Structural Challenges
Osteoporosis 5% bone loss yearly after age 30 in the U.S. is typical. 20% mortality in the elderly if they break a hip. Common after menopause.

22 Structural Challenges
Osteoporosis Predisposed by hormonal disorders and steroids, which suppress immunity. Can significantly affect life expectancy. Diagnosed via X-ray, ultrasound and blood tests.

23 Risk Factors Is your wrist less than 6 inches in circumference?
Are you taller than 5’7” and weigh less than 127 lbs.? Do you smoke? Do you drink more than 2 servings of alcohol daily? Are you depressed? Depression creates chemicals that eat bone! Mehmet Oz MD.

24 Medical Treatment For Osteoporosis
Medications to slow bone loss Exercise Calcium Vitamin D

25 The Elephant in the Room
Lead, cadmium and other heavy metals can be stored in the bones. Lead is the most abundant toxic metal. World production: 3.5 million tons per year.

26 The Elephant in the Room
Radiation (Dental, Mammograms, CT scans) is stored in the bones and thyroid gland. An average CT Scan = 74 mammograms = 442 chest X-rays. Rebecca Smith-Bindman, MD, radiology professor, UCSF CBS News, New York, Dec 14, 2009

27 What Is the Risk? Widespread and overuse of CT scans “will lead to tens of thousands of cancer cases and as many as 15,000 deaths for each year that the scanners are used, researchers reported today.” The Oregonian, Dec. 15, 2009: Research says overuse of CTs causes cancer.

28 Understand X-Rays and Alternatives
Use Common Sense – Ask Questions! Always protect the thyroid with a lead sheet. Check out digital X-rays for dental and mammography.

29 Understand X-Rays and Alternatives
Check out Thermography pictures of the breast and body. Can an Ultrasound be used instead? What about MRI as an alternative?

30 Understand X-Rays and Alternatives
Full day of Sun: 1/10,000 rad Single tooth: 4-14 rads A full “preventative checkup” up to 40 rads (Radiology, vol. 61, W.E. Nolan and H.W. Patterson) The human body can handle only 50 rads without harm. Dr. Shields Warren (Harvard Medical School)

31 Understand X-Rays and Alternatives
If X-rays are needed, utilize kelp baths. 1 cup for 18 minutes twice monthly for 3 months. Also take with Algin, Astragalus and Vitamin E with Selenium.

32 The Risk Quiz Are you a woman? Do you have weak muscles?
Are you often worried and anxious? Are you more unhappy than happy? Do you use anti-depressants or acid-blockers?

33 The Risk Quiz (cont.) Do you smoke? Have you used steroids, long-term?
Do you drink more than: 2 servings of alcohol, 1 serving of soda, and/or 2 servings of coffee daily? Are you close to or in menopause? Do you have moderate or severe symptoms?

34 The Risk Quiz (cont.) Have you broken a bone as an adult?
Did either parent fracture a hip? Have you lost half or more of your teeth? Do you consume a high protein diet? Do you have difficulty healing? Do you have difficulty sleeping?

35 Puzzling Facts Most world populations average 400 mg of calcium daily without any evidence of osteoporosis. Example: China. In the US, we consume calcium-rich dairy and calcium supplements and have epidemic osteoporosis.

36 Did You Know? Taking calcium alone suppresses magnesium absorption and can create a magnesium shortage. Result: Calcium leaves the bone and enters into the soft tissues, resulting in cell aging.

37 Did You Know? Higher levels of magnesium stimulates the thyroid to deposit calcium into the bones. Natural foods have a ratio of 2-8 parts magnesium to 1 part calcium. Always take calcium with magnesium. Unigram: The Calcium Myth by Robert Koch, Independent Biochemist. Universal Nutrition.

38 Did You Know? Osteoporosis is called a disease of calcium loss or malabsorption, not deficiency. Dr. Daisy Franzini—Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, OR What is causing the loss or malabsorption?

39 Did You Know? Eating refined sugar depletes the body of nutrients it needs. It is a major contributor to an acid pH. 12 oz of soda: 8 tsp of sugar = 32 g (1 tsp = 4 g) A banana split: 25 tsp of sugar = 100 g On average, Americans eat 176 lbs of sugar per year! Nature’s Sunshine Answer: Stevia and Xylitol

40 Soda Dangers These contain phosphoric acid which can severely deplete blood calcium levels and alter a healthy pH. Chronic use lowers the deposit of calcium into the bones so bone mass and density suffer. Sodas increase your risk of osteoporosis.

41 The pH Factor Almost all health problems begin in an acid pH environment. If your pH is below 5.8 You will not absorb vitamins A, B and E. You will not absorb Sulfur, Calcium, Potassium and other important minerals. Poor Diet, Toxins, Stress, Stuffed Emotions and Negative Mental Focuses all contribute to acidity

42 Solutions That Work Diet Lifestyle Supplements Mental and Emotional

43 Our First Step: The Basics
Hydration: drink pure alkaline water Whole Foods Diet Regular Exercise 30 min. 3X weekly Must include weight bearing and muscle strengthening High quality Nature’s Sunshine Supplements that contain: Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

44 Our First Step: The Basics
The Importance of Hydration You must hydrate down to the cellular level. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of pure alkaline water per day. Example: 150 lbs = 75 fl. oz. water

45 Our First Step: The Basics
To achieve that, drink 4 ounces every 15 minutes. You can add some lemon to the water to help keep you alkaline. The discs and cartilage are 98% water. 

46 Our First Step: The Basics
Eat a plant-based diet of fresh fruits, veggies, salad and whole grains. Eat almonds, pumpkin seeds and cashews daily.

47 Our First Step: The Basics
A diet of 80% alkaline to 20% acid foods. Choose foods high in fiber, calcium, Vitamin D and Lysine. Eat more vegetarian protein than animal protein. Wild caught fish/seafood and organic chicken/poultry is ideal.

48 Too Much Protein North Americans eat 2-3 times the amount of protein they need. Reducing the protein load to the RDA of g daily (the size of 2 eggs) is the goal.

49 Too Much Protein The protein intake of the Chinese is 30 g daily, mostly from soy and grains. Vegans have good bone health even without dairy.

50 Our First Step: The Basics
Exercise 30 min. 3X weekly Include weight bearing and muscle strengthening. Ideally walk and/or do other exercises daily. If impaired structural functions are advanced, yoga and swimming are ideal.

51 Stress Stress (emotional and physical) is known to cause a high acid pH. The body borrows calcuim and magnesium from the bones and joints to balance the pH. Imbalance in pH can lead to structural system weakness in both bones and joints.

52 EverFlex Benefits Promotes joint health and normal function. Helps lubricate joints.

53 EverFlex Benefits May increase shock absorption in the joints. Enhances flexibility. May contribute to healthy cartilage.

54 EverFlex How it Works Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Devil’s Claw

55 EverFlex Some have substituted Devil’s claw for Alfalfa because of its deeper root system and higher in nutrient content.

56 EverFlex Pain Cream Enhances joint mobility and flexibility through pain reduction. Relieves muscle and joint pain.

57 EverFlex Pain Cream Use with 10 drops of Deep Relief essential oil blend to enhance the benefits of the cream. Then apply hot or cold pack as indicated.

58 Skeletal Strength Benefits Helps rebuild and preserve bone and muscle tissue. Supports stressed nerves. Provides balanced nutrients for best utilizations.

59 Skeletal Strength A deluxe calcium-magnesium supplement Equal ratio of calcium to magnesium Extra important vitamins, minerals, digestants and herbs for superior absorption and assimilation.

60 Tei Fu Essential Oils Benefits Invigorates the mind.
Stimulates the respiratory system. Is cleansing, refreshing and softening. Contains mood-enhancing scents.

61 Tei Fu Essential Oils How it Works
Developed and perfected using wisdom and experience of Chinese herbalists. Tei Fu Oil can be used for a wide variety of applications Refreshing and invigorating properties

62 Tei Fu Essential Oils Put 1 drop in palm of hand, rub hands together and inhale. This invigorating aroma can help you relax and release stress. Rub into temple for small areas of emotional stress.

63 Tei Fu Massage Lotion Benefits Supports the structural system. May promote muscle relaxation. Leaves skin smooth and supple. Penetrates deeply into skin.

64 Tei Fu Massage Lotion How it Works: Apply to muscles and joints and massage into the skin. Provides all the benefits of Tei Fu Essential Oils, but in a lotion form.

65 Tei Fu Massage Lotion Massage into neck and shoulders to relax the area. Combine with EverFlex Cream before and after heavy exercise.

66 Structural Alkalizing Bath
1-2 cups Epsom Salt 1 box Baking Soda 10 capsules or 1½ teaspoon of Ginger powder drops Deep Relief essential oil Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse. Drink 8-16 oz. of alkaline water

67 Let’s Answer Some Questions!

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