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WMO SPICE: CARE (Canada) - Site Configuration Update - Oct 10, 2012 Prepared by Rodica Nitu.

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1 WMO SPICE: CARE (Canada) - Site Configuration Update - Oct 10, 2012 Prepared by Rodica Nitu

2 CARE: Site Layout (Oct 2012)

3 CARE: References R1 reference: –DFIR fence + Tretyakov collector and shield; –Frequency of measurement: twice daily; –Method of measurement: weighing of the collector; R2 reference: –DFIR fence; –Geonor 600 mm, 3 transducers + CRN heating + single Alter; –DRD11; –Sampling Frequency: 6 seconds. R3 reference: –Geonor 600 mm, 3 transducers + CRN heating + single Alter; –Geonor 600 mm, 3 transducers + CRN heating + no shield; –DRD11 (the same as for the R2); –Sampling Frequency: 6 seconds.

4 CARE: Instruments Under Test Instrument Type Instrument Make and Model Configuration Number of instruments in the same configuration Shield type (if applicable) Other configuration information WEIGHING GAUGEOTT PLUVIO 2Single AlterHEATED RIM1 WEIGHING GAUGEOTT PLUVIO 2Belfort Double AlterHEATED RIM1 Tipping Bucket (IP)CAE S.P A PMB25RN/AHEATED1 Tipping Bucket(IP) Hydrological Services America – TBH/TBH-LP N/AHEATED1 Tipping Bucket(IP)Meteoservis – MR3H-FCN/AHEATED1 Tipping Bucket(IP)ZAMG- MR3H-CN/AHEATED1 Tipping Bucket(IP)E.T.G- R102RN/AHEATED1 (no news) DisdrometerDroplet Measurement tech.- MPS N/AHEATED1

5 CARE: Ancillary Measurements ParameterInstruments UsedData formatReporting Interval Air TemperatureYSI44212ASCII DELIMITED30 Sec Relative Humidity Air Temperature HMP155ASCII DELIMITED1 min Atmospheric PressurePTB220ASCII DELIMITED1 Min Wind Speed 10 mRM YOUNG 5103ASCII DELIMITED6 Sec Wind Direction 10 mRM YOUNG 5103ASCII DELIMITED6 Sec Wind Speed at the gauge orifice (specify height) Vaisala NWS425 (2m; 3.5 m)ASCII DELIMITED5 Sec Precipitation Detector (Y/N output) Vaisala DRD11ASCII DELIMITED6 Sec Precipitation type MSC POSS (precip occurrence sensor system) ASCII DELIMITED1 min Ice detection sensorROSEMOUNT/AWOS PIASCII DELIMITED1 Min Snow DepthSR50AASCII DELIMITED1 Min Net RadiationTBD VisibilityVisibility Belfort 6200ASCII DELIMITED1 Min Web / video / still camerasAxisStill picturesOne /hour/ instrument Manual observations: snow depth, MSC Snow Stakes 30 measurement points ASCII DELIMITEDDAILY

6 CARE: Data Flow

7 Site Commissioning Expected status on commissioning: References (where applicable): –R1: operational –R2: CRN heaters will be reconfigured; expected to be finalised for commissioning; the Alter shield has been separated from the post of the Geonor. –R3: November 15, 2012; heaters need to be installed and tested; Instruments under test: –Provided by the host: ready by Nov 15 th, 2012 –From Instrument Providers: MPS requires a separate computer and a particular configuration; it may not be completed by Nov 15 th. The 5 TB will be ready within 4 weeks of being received. None received as of Oct 8 th. Instruments for Ancillary Measurements: in the field, except the 3D wind sensor. Expected to be installed for Nov 15 th. Expected status on Nov 15 th : –Completed 95% in the revised configuration; –no control over the timing of instruments from Manufacturers. –No communication from ETG (Italy), in spite of repeated Gaps for the winter 2012/2013: –intended SPICE test/activities which may not take place, as anticipated during the 2012/13 season; e.g. as a result of the unavailability of instruments or difficulties in configuration; the WMO SPICE configuration for CARE has been adjusted to provide a focused approach for the winter of 12/13, and ensure that results of defendable quality will be made available for the data analysis. While additional instruments are being installed their participation in WMO SPICE will be reassessed based on the degree of success of their installation. –reasons: availability of human resources. –activities postponed for 2013: additional instruments which may be considered for inclusion in WMO SPICE.

8 Additional Information Data archive; –Existing and operational; all data is stored centrally in Toronto –Frequency of data transmission from the site to an archive (if any): daily Have you sent data to NCAR for pre-SPICE? some pre-SPICE data from 2011/2012 –If yes, have you checked if satisfactory plots are available for conducting data quick view: No –Do you have to change data format for transfer to NCAR: yes –How difficult is the process? Software is required to automate the process –Any risks if format is changed: the software needs to be tested for each instrument to ensure that there are no errors (e.g. when the leading character is not as expected) Which is the reasonable frequency of data transfer to NCAR/SPICE archive to be expected during the experiment: daily to weekly, depending on the routines implemented to organize the data according to the NCAR format requirements.

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