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Finnet's Supermatrix Marko Tyrväinen T-111.5550 Seminar on Multimedia Cloud Computing.

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1 Finnet's Supermatrix Marko Tyrväinen T Seminar on Multimedia Cloud Computing

2 About Finnet consists of 27 locally operating telephone companies + Finnet Association provides local and national voice calls, data connections and digital television services

3 Supermatrix -project started on 17 April 2009 aims to virtualise users’ computers digi-tv STBs and PVRs and will provide the whole desktop as a service user only needs display, mouse and keyboard provides ”efficient virtual computers and fast internet connection” (what does this mean?) provides backuping, hardware maintenance, virus security, OS updates etc.


5 What? 100 Mbit/s connection inside the Supermatrix core network (also some local services?) Integrate television, digibox and PC Windows 7 / Linux for users Enable ”probably 3D-(television) programs and 4x HDTV Supermatrix-network could be financially viable by the year 2016

6 Why? free non-computer oriented people from computer problems currently Finnish internet trunk network can provide HD quality IPTV for simultaneous viewers centralized services only viable way to have HDTV available through the internet for everyone


8 Problems / issues Huge project → money (est. 1 billion euros in the next 10 years) First of its kind (at least in Europe) → no place to take examples from server hardware / software / OS not decided yet additional user hardware (USB-devices, etc.) maintenance user identification security issues juridical issues

9 Collaborators AinaCom Oy Alcatel-Lucent Suomi Oy BCC Finland Oy BaseN Oy Cisco Oy L M Ericsson Ab FC Sovelto Oyj Fujitsu Services Oy Hewlett-Packard Oy Oy International Business Machines Ab Innofactor Oy Nokia Siemens Networks Oy Otavan Opisto Softera Oy Sun Microsystems Oy Tieto Finland Oy VMware

10 More (only in Finnish)

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