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Plate Movement and Plate Boundaries

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1 Plate Movement and Plate Boundaries
Chapter 4, Section 3

2 Plate Tectonics Theory
Lithosphere is divided into plates Plates move around on the asthenosphere


4 3 Causes of plate motion

5 Slab Pull Oceanic plate sinks (more dense)
Pulls rest of tectonic plate with it

6 Oceanic crust is higher at ridge Pushes plate underneath continent

7 Convection Happens in asthenosphere Hot magma rises, cool magma sinks
Drags plates sideways

8 3 Types of Plate Boundaries
Convergent Divergent Transform Fault

9 Convergent Boundaries

10 Continent / Continent Plates thicken and buckle Push upwards Mountain formation


12 Continent / Oceanic Oceanic plate sinks (more dense) Subduction zone
Trenches form Volcanic mtns on coast


14 Oceanic / Oceanic One slides under the other Subduction zones
Volcanic Islands

15 Divergent Boundary Plates spread apart Magma rises
New lithosphere formed Mid – Atlantic Ridge


17 Plates slide past each other Produce earthquakes
Transform Boundary Plates slide past each other Produce earthquakes

18 Types of Plate Boundaries:
Divergent Convergent Transform



21 Continent / Continent Examples
Appalachian Mtns. Atlas Mtns.


23 Continent / Oceanic Examples
Andes Cascades Mt. St. Helens


25 Oceanic / Oceanic Examples
Aleutians Japan Philippines


27 Rate a fingernail grows!
Plate Movement Approx. 3-6 cm per year Rate a fingernail grows!

28 Flash card review

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