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Classification CP Biology.

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1 Classification CP Biology

2 Taxonomy The Branch of Biology that names and groups organisms according to their characteristics and evolutionary history. Why do we need to classify and why must the same system consistently be used by everyone?


4 Early Systems of Classification
Aristotle: Greek philosopher classified living things as either PLANTS or ANIMALS over 2,000 years ago. Was a good system until rapid scientific exploration led to many organisms being discovered…. Needed to be more specific. Also, used common names which varied from each location. I.E. bear or bear (koala bear)

5 Linnaeus’s System Developed by Carlos Linnaeus (1707-1778).
Used seven levels of organization: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species The organization starts out large (Kingdom contains all animals) and becomes more specific as you go down {Genus Species, Homo sapiens (only Humans)}

6 Binomial Nomenclature
System of naming organisms Used to remove confusion over local names (bear and bear (koala bear). Uses Latin names Uses Genus and Species names to name organisms Genus is capitalized. Species is lower case. You have to either UNDERLINE or ITALICIZE the Genus Species

7 Genus Species The species word is the exact species identifier.
Usually a descriptive word. Ex. Homo sapiens: Homo (man, human being) sapiens (wise)…wise man Common name: Human Genus: Homo Species: sapiens Scientific Name: Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens Homo erectus: _________________

8 The Taxonomic Hierarchy
Domain Kingdom Phylum Subphylum Class Order Family Genus Species Eukarya Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Mammalia Primata Hominidae Homo sapiens

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