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Welcome to China! This is the story of the Boxer Rebellion.

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1 Welcome to China! This is the story of the Boxer Rebellion

2 Our story begins in 1895 when the Japanese defeated China in the Sino-Japanese War

3 We are a great power! Japan shall have Korea!

4 NO! We won’t give it up!

5 Well then we shall take it from you!

6 Sino-Japanese War


8 Ha! Ha! Ha! Take that China!





13 Now it belongs to the Empire of the Sun!

14 This is horrible! China will look weak to the rest of the world now

15 I knew it. Look at those greedy Westerners!

16 We’ll take Port Arthur We’ll take Shantung We’ll take Hong Kong

17 Hey, What about me?

18 John Hay, US Secretary of State, What do YOU want?

19 The United States believes an Open Door Policy should be followed in China

20 Why should we give the USA access to China?

21 Because its fair to share

22 Uh, no thanks.

23 Quite frankly, I don’t care what you think.

24 Typical!

25 Excuse me, does China get any say in this?

26 NO

27 My brothers and I will see about that

28 Brothers of the ancient secret society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists unite to defend China from these foreign devils!


30 Our ancient rituals will protect us from pain and your bullets

31 Ha Ha Ha !!!

32 The US government demands the Empress CiXi keep control over these Boxers

33 Oh, of course. We wouldn’t ever want to offend you. I will see to it that the Boxers stop.

34 Very wise choice

35 Stupid Westerner. Like I would jeopardize the loyalty I command from my people by bowing to your wishes.

36 Keep up the attacks! We will show these devils who rules China!

37 Yes Empress. We will never surrender our freedom or dignity!



40 Tune in next week to see what happens!


42 Directions Complete the story using the information found on page 375 of your textbook. Use the existing clipart on the next page or find your own online & Photoshop it as necessary. You need at least 5 more slides


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