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Cold War Trivia Review.

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1 Cold War Trivia Review

2 Containment Belief that if one country fell to communism others would as well We airlifted supplies to the Western side of this city after the Soviets blockaded it so that it would not fall to communism Document that gave military supplies to any country that fought against communism in Eastern Europe Program that gave money to Western Europe so that it could rebuild after WWII. Military alliance created to protect from Soviet aggression

3 Korean War US got involved in the Korean War to uphold this policy of stopping the spread of communism This country crossed the parallel that divided the Korean conflict thus starting the Korean conflict General who was fired for challenging the authority of the President Parallel that divides North and South Korea When the US crossed the border into North Korea this country joined the war against us

4 Cold War Soviet Union wanted to control this region to protect the Soviet Union from future attack Imaginary dividing line between communist east Europe and democratic west Europe NASA was created after the Soviet Union launched this satellite into Space Soviet military alliance with Eastern European countries Country controlled by Joseph Tito after WWII who did not take orders from Soviet Union

5 1950s The creation of these in the 1950s led to people moving to the suburbs Suburban houses that all looked the same were given this name Act that helped fuel the economic boom of the 1950s by giving returned WWII veterans low interest house loans and education money Senator who claimed to have a list of known communists working in the government. Went too far when accused the Army of having communists This group that gathered in coffee houses in the 1950s often criticized the 1950s for its conformity

6 Organizations International organization that encourages cooperation among nations and tries to prevent future wars Organization created to gather information and spy on foreign countries Government health care program for children of low income families Government health care program for elderly and disabled Program that trains and sends volunteers to poor nations to serve as educators, healthcare workers, etc

7 Cuban Missile Crisis Vocabulary term that means prohibition of trade; we still have this with Cuba today After this failed invasion of Cuba in 1960 Cuba turned to the Soviet Union for protection Soviet leader who placed missiles in Cuba Cuban dictator who angered the US when he seized American businesses and property Country we had to remove our missiles from 6 months after the Soviets removed their missiles

8 Presidents President who sent the first combat troops into Vietnam
President who beat out Richard Nixon in 1960 due to his charisma President who ended the Korean War; created the Interstate Highway System; won in 1952 and 1956 President who sent troops to Cambodia and Laos in order to get a ‘bigger stick’ to bring North Vietnam to the bargaining table President who practiced Vietnamization and brought the US troops home

9 JFK He assassinated President Kennedy
He killed President Kennedy’s assassinator What did President Kennedy call his blockade of Cuba to make it sound less threatening The Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted Kennedy to use and airstrike on missile sites but Kennedy first opted to use this Anti-communist leader of South Vietnam originally supported by the US; assassinated 3 weeks before Kennedy

10 Vietnam Protests Slang term for people opposed to war; slang term for people who supported the war Document leaked to media that said gov’t officials had been misleading the public about Vietnam War Students at this Ohio University led a protest in 1972 after the announcement that troops were going into Cambodia and Laos This group was most influential in turning public opinion against the war Postponement of military service due to health, education, or job were called this

11 Vietnam War Document that gave Johnson the authority to repel any armed attack against US forces North Vietnamese army originally created by Ho Chi Minh to resist Japanese expansion Country that controlled Vietnam during WWII This amendment lowered the voting age to 18 Policy to remove South Vietnamese civilians from their homes, place in ‘safe camps’ and burn village

12 Vietnam War South Vietnamese rebel forces know for guerilla warfare tactics Communist leader of North Vietnam who wanted to unify Vietnam The Geneva Accords divided Vietnam along this latitude President’s ability to commit troops to foreign conflicts was limited by this act; now has to have congressional approval within days Ruling country of Vietnam before WWII who wanted back its colony after WWII

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