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Contrasts and Contradictions

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1 Contrasts and Contradictions
Note and Notice Contrasts and Contradictions

2 Introduction How does an author show us how a character is changing? Or developing? We will use a technique called Contrasts and Contradictions.

3 Harry Potter Who has read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies? Think about Hermione. She’s a kid who always has her homework done. Not only does she do her homework, but she likes doing homework. She wants the teacher to know that she always knows the answer. So, what would you think if one day Hermione came to class and didn’t have her homework done?

4 Change in behavior Hermione’s behavior contradicts what we’ve come to expect. It makes us wonder what’s going on because that’s not part of Hermione’s personality. When authors show us something that doesn’t fit with what we expect, when they present us with a contrast or contradiction, then we want to pause and ask ourselves one question: Why would the character act this way?

5 STOP and Notice and Note Chart
Contrasts and Contradictions: When you’re reading and a character says or does something that’s opposite (contradicts) what he has been saying or doing all along. You should stop and ask yourself: “Why is the character doing that?” The answers could help you make a prediction or make an inference about the plot or conflict.

6 As a reader As I read, I’m on the lookout for a place where the author shows me a character acting in a way that is a contrast or contradiction with how he or she has been acting or how I would expect the character would act. When you notice that contrast or contradiction, stop and ask yourself: “Why is the character doing that?” As you answer the question, you will learn more about the character and problems he or she faces.

7 Junkyard Wonders As I read this book to you, follow along and listen for contrasts or contradictions of characters thoughts, statements, or behaviors. As I’m reading, I’m alert for contrasts or contradictions, and when I spot one I want to pause and ask myself: “Why is the character doing that?” “Why would she do this?” Stop – I’ve noticed a character acting in a way that surprised me. Think about why… Turn and talk with your neighbor.

8 Notice and Note Reading Log Name____________________ Notice and Note Log for___________
Location Signpost I Noticed My Notes About It Junkyard Wonders – page 1 Contrast and Contradiction Kay didn’t wave back to Trisha. Why? Junkyard Wonders – page 31 Mrs. Peterson was late. She was never late. Something bad has happened. What? Ravanne, who kids thought couldn’t talk, did. Why? Frindle – page 25 Frindle – page 32

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