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Business Development in the Digital Medium: Sensemaking and Strategy Madanmohan Rao, IndiaCom

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1 Business Development in the Digital Medium: Sensemaking and Strategy Madanmohan Rao, IndiaCom

2 New Languages of Digital Media l Tweeple, tweetups, twitterverse, megatwend l Textmate l Flirtextatious l ObseSMSed l Textiety, text addict l The Golden Age of App-ortunity!


4 The Media Landscape: Digital Impacts l Paid media –Mainstream media: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines –Reference media: yellow pages (print, online; list, search, ad words) l Owned media –Internet: Web site, enhanced content (eg. virtual views), email –Mobile: shortcode, permission marketing l Earned media –Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia

5 Internal Media: Digital Opportunities l Information –Databases, portals, documentation l Monitoring –Sensors, RFID, M2M networks l Communication –Newsletters, social media l Collaboration –Co-creation

6 The 8 Cs of Digital Media l Connectivity l Content l Community l Culture l Capacity l Cooperation l Commerce l Capital

7 The 8 Cs of Digital Media l Connectivity –Connectivity, bandwidth, devices, platform, interfaces, standards, portal; costs, tariffs, fees; licenses l Content –Language, mode (voice/SMS/multimedia). Creation, classification, archival, retrieval, tracking l Community –Target audience. Interest/vocational communities, levels of affinity, online/offline, evolution of communities l Culture –Trust, support, learning organisation

8 The 8 Cs of Digital Media l Capacity –Roles, organisational support, training, HR; outsourcing l Cooperation –Between departments, units; with customers/partners, industry, external institutes (eg academia) l Commerce –Transactions, incentivisation, payment, monetisation l Capital –Investments into knowledge communication, RoI metrics



11 Network power proportional to # of members, Telecom/broadband density correlates with GDP Propaganda, Influence, Framing/de-coding, Mobilisation/confrontation, Foreign factor Manuel Castells: two-way mass self-communication, Compressor/accelerator/ catalyst/amplifier, Tipping point Information design Media reach v/s richness Taxonomy, ontology, folksonomy Usability, testing; localisation Cultivation, Gatekeepers, Structural flows of international news, Agenda- setting

12 Maturity Levels of Digital Media in Business l Digital phobic l Digital neutral l Digital aware l Digital capable l Digital centric l Digital transformed

13 Brand Components l Experience l Value l Attachment l Events, processes, activities l Campaigns, communities, conversations l Customer watering holes

14 Elements of Effective Digital Design l Identity l Interface l Interaction l Information l Immersion


16 Metrics: Assessing Impacts of Digital Media l Activity metrics l Process metrics l Knowledge metrics l People metrics l Business metrics

17 The Road Ahead l Take a look at your competition and counterparts in digital space l Look outside your industry l Focus on back channel and main channel l Not all digital media are created equal l Not all digital media will remain the same

18 Digital Media and Engagement: Challenges l Digital media fatigue l Need to move from busy metrics to engaged metrics l Going beyond tactical benefits to strategic benefits l Moving from social business to better business

19 Digital Media: Partnership Strategies l Presence across media l Trusted brand in the industry l Synergies between multiple media l Networked with leading digital players l Expertise in content creation l Excellence in search engine optimisation l Invests in education of the market

20 POI BUSINESS PHOTOS WALK THROUGH VIEW SHOP FRONT PHOTOS Multi dimensional ENHANCED INFOMATION Category Specific Additional Information GEO-CODES Lat-Long Co-ordinates BASIC Business LISTING Name, Address, Phone & Business Category Digital Content Pyramid

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