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ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS J’Mauri Jackson May 10 th, 2011 World History Per. 7.

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1 ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS J’Mauri Jackson May 10 th, 2011 World History Per. 7

2  One of the problems that the world has been facing for decades is global warming. Global warming is the increase in the world’s average temperatures that correspond with the changes in the climate. This has led to numerous effects like: disease, diminishing of food and water, severe weather and melting of the polar ice caps.

3 Images The melting of polar ice caps have increased dangerously, because of this polar bears are on the verge of extinction. Factories have released dangerous toxins like carbon that contribute to the breakage of the ozone layer once in the atmosphere. Deforestation is common for economical benefits but physical changes in the climate and water cycle have occurred.

4 Greenpeace is a company founded in 1971 from global activists in Vancouver. The purpose of this group is to promote healthy lifestyles and ways to help the environment. The World Wildlife fund is an organization that help preserve and care for wildlife all over the world that have been affected by the climate change. In the early 1970’s the government of the United States began to create laws that helped our environment that are still in use today.

5 Iceland receives virtually all of it’s energy from renewable resources. Most of their energy is hydrothermal that is received from their rivers. Switzerland passed tough legislations regarding air pollution and laws that made high responsibilities regarding waste and water management

6 Paleoclimatologists Paleoclimatologists are scientists that study the different patterns in the climate through satellites in space that observe the changes in the world’s climate Paleoclimatologists find every year, issues in the world due to the climate change and global warming. They found evidence by researching tree rings, water, weather patterns and how the climate has been affecting animals, humans and the environment After discovering these changes, scientists then addressed the issues to government officials whom then notify the nations.

7  Increasing peoples knowledge of the environmental problems in the world has led to groups like Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, PETA and other groups that are seeking a change to world.

8 Supporting ideas  Green Peace helped the jeopardized forests: Amazon, Argentina, Canadian and Russian by planting seeds that helped revive the forests that were cut down due to deforestation for countries economical benefits. ‘Save the Environment’, began to associate themselves with the organization Arbor Day to help plant trees to decrease the carbon levels in highly- polluted cities. The Nike, Adias and Timberland companies agreed to stop deforestation in the Amazon forest after Greenpeace filed a report against them.

9 Green Peace  Partnered with Coca-Cola™, Nike™, McDonald’s™ and Unileve™ to start using natural refrigerators in all their buildings so that intoxicating gases won’t be release into the air after discovering the damages that unnatural refrigerators create thanks to the use of scientific technology. WWF The World Wildlife fund has saved many animals from the risk of extinction and have collected one billion dollars in an effect to save wildlife whose habitats have been affected by the climate change. The Government Even the government has helped the environment by creating laws that promoted ‘going green’. Such as the ‘Clean Air Act of 1970’ that controlled of the number of toxins that can be released into the air

10 Quiz Questions  1.) What is deforestation and what is it used for?  2.) What are scientists called if the study climate changes?  3.) What is the law that the government created in order to control the number of toxins released into the air?

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