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Pickerington Local Schools March 4 No New Taxes Renewal.

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1 Pickerington Local Schools March 4 No New Taxes Renewal

2 What is Issue 9? A NO NEW TAX levy renewal Provides for instruction and operating support for the district. Generates $7.15 million in revenue (8% of the General Fund Budget) for day-to-day operating expenses such as teachers, textbooks, technology and transportation. Issue 9 maintains strong schools for our community without raising taxes to residents.

3 What is a Renewal? A renewal simply allows the district to continue receiving revenue that voters have already approved. The community approved this instructional levy in 2003 and it is expiring this year. Community approval of the “renewal” is necessary in order for the district to continue receiving crucial instructional revenue used to teach students. A levy like Issue 9 allows residents to support their schools without raising taxes.

4 What Impacts the District’s Budget? Economy: –Inflationary trends –Recession trends –Declines in interest income (cuts by federal gov’t) –Slow down of student growth –Slow down in new construction – Increases in fuel & utility expenses –Unexpected circumstances or emergencies such as State economic conditions or legislative actions

5 How does Issue 9 fit with the Contract with the Community? This issue is the second part of the district’s Contract with the Community unveiled in 2007. A key element of the Contract is a promise that the district will stretch levy dollars as long as possible. “Further tightening of our belt”

6 What does the Financial Success Driver Discuss? Effective and efficient use of all resources. Financial management that monitors revenue streams and expenditure growth. Communication with the community about district finances.

7 How will this Money be Spent? Once Issue 9 is approved, Pickerington Local Schools will: –Open the three new schools currently under construction. –Achieve the Team Goal of being a high performance school district with high quality learning environments for every student. All money will stay here in Pickerington. No money will be sent to the state or federal levels.

8 What are the Economic Benefits to the Community? Strong schools protect property value investments.

9 What if the No New Taxes Renewal does not pass? The district will lose $7.15 million or 8 percent of the General Fund Operating Budget in needed revenue. Deep cuts will be unavoidable and greatly affect the districts’ ability to provide a quality education to students. $3.5 million in cuts would be needed before the 2008-09 school year begins in order for the district to stay fiscally stable. Deep cuts into the system including: –Staff cuts across the board including administrators, teachers and support staff; –Increased classroom sizes; –Less transportation services and longer ride times for those students still receiving services; and, –Fewer instructional and extra curricular programs and opportunities for students.

10 When is the No New Taxes Renewal on the Ballot? Issue 9 Tuesday March 4, 2008 Presidential Primary - you can vote on Issue 9 even if you do not want to vote in the primary. You can ask for an “issues only” ballot and vote without indicating your party. You may also request an Absentee Ballot and vote from the comfort of your home.

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