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1 Welcome to Kindergarten Registration Parent Meeting for Toll Gate Elementary Ms. Kristi Motsch Principal.

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1 1 Welcome to Kindergarten Registration Parent Meeting for Toll Gate Elementary Ms. Kristi Motsch Principal

2 2 PLSD Welcome Center 130 Hill Road, S. Suite 102 Located in the north end of Ridgeview JH PH 614-920-6180 FAX 614-833-2114

3 3 The following information will be necessary when you register at the Welcome Center 1. Proof of Residency (mortgage coupon/settlement statement, rental agreement or electric/gas bill with address) 2. If not a current resident, purchase agreement or a letter from rental office is needed, and will be accepted on a 90 day waiver period. 2. Custody Papers (if applicable) 3. Parent/Guardian Driver’s License or State Photo ID card 4. Original or Certified copy of child’s Birth Certificate 5. Current IEP or MFE (if applicable) 6. Your child is not registered until ALL forms are returned to the Welcome Center.

4 4 How to Register my Child Call for an enrollment PIN number: 920-6180 Go to website: Click on “Enroll in the District” Click on “Complete Online Registration” Put in Pin Number Complete forms online

5 5 Forms Due for your student to be Registered: 1. Registration Form - online 2. Transportation Form - online 3. Health History Form - online 4. Custody Document (if applicable) 5. Speech Therapist’s Survey-Welcome Center 6. Home Language Survey form (if applicable) Your child is not registered until ALL forms are completed/provided to the Welcome Center Physicians Report Form must be completed and handed in to the school prior to August 8, 2011

6 6 Sign up for your Child’s School’s Monthly Newsletter, Email, Emergency and School Closing Notification Scroll to “Join our mailing list” Fill out the three easy steps to subscribe Choose the notification types you prefer

7 7 Kindergarten Schedule AM 9:40 - 12:10 PM 1:10 - 3:40 Mark AM/PM preference on registration form (lottery if needed) Registrations must be processed prior to May 2 to be included in the AM lottery. First Day for Kindergarten - Tuesday September 1, 2011 Class Placement & Supply list - You will receive a letter in late June.

8 8 Information Attendance Area - by subdivision Child must be 5 years old before or on August 1, 2011 Fees - A $20.00 school fee will be collected in the fall.

9 9 Information Continued All volunteers/visitors begin in the office - Sign in and get a visitor badge Limit Classroom interruptions Call the attendance line - 834-6301- to report absences/tardies Sign in child in the office if they are late Please contact the teacher in advance for classroom observations Non food items only for birthday celebrations

10 10 Success in Kindergarten Book Bag - Please Check Daily Check Information Folder - Day 1 Read Newsletter - Sign up to receive via e-mail Establish work/study area READ, READ, READ!!! WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!

11 11 Parent Orientation Meet the teacher Kindergarten Parents ONLY meeting Check the school website, local papers, and school calendar for dates and times for these events.

12 12 Kindergarten Fall Assessments August 29th - Monday August 30th - Tuesday August 31st - Wednesday Call the office for your appointment beginning Monday, August 15th (after 9:00) 614-834-6300

13 13 Transportation Petermann Direct any questions or concerns to Petermann 614-837-8525

14 14 Kindergarten Spring Assessments Academic - Bracken Basic Concept Scale Speech Health - Vision and Hearing

15 15 ESL= English Second Language Lara Young English is not the first language spoken in the home for 547 students in our district 375 of these students have Limited English Proficient and qualify for services 61 different languages are represented

16 16 Home Language Survey Required by the State of Ohio to help determine students that may qualify for services If English is not the 1st language spoken at home, you will complete a survey as part of registration

17 17 ESL Assessments The ESL teacher will call to set up your appointment The child will be tested in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English Assessment will take 30 minutes Qualifying students will meet 3-5 times per week in small groups Retested yearly

18 18 Speech Therapist Chelsea Swain

19 19 Speech Screening Includes: 1.Articulation Skills 2. Spontaneous Speech 3.Following Directions 4.Sentence Recall and Repetition

20 20 Speech Screening Scheduled for Friday, May 13. Speech and Health Screenings are done on the same day. Only students identified by parents will be screened If you suspect a speech problem, tell person when you sign up for the assessments

21 21 School Nurse Kim Hively RN, BSN, MSEd Health Services Website administrativeDepartment.aspx?aid=44

22 22 Health Screening Dates: May 12th, 13th, & 16th Vision-distance acuity, muscle balance, and random dot E Hearing Social interaction Does not need to know alphabet, numbers, etc. Nothing painful will be done!

23 23 Health Screening Sign Up Call office at 834-6300 after 9 a.m. starting March 16th for appointment Pick one day and one hour (Parent will need to stay at school during the screening) Thursday, May 12th without Speech Friday, May 13th Speech available Monday, May 16th without Speech 9:00 - 10:00 1:00 - 2:00 10:00 - 11:002:00 - 3:00 11:00 - 12:00

24 24 Forms Physician’s Report (Blue) - will receive at the Welcome Center Health history form is completed online during registration at Welcome Center Medication: if needed, download form from Health Services Website ment.aspx? ment.aspx?aid=44

25 25 Physician’s Report DUE by August 8, 2011 REQUIRED FORM: must be on file at school before your child can start school Will receive form from the Welcome Center Schedule appointment NOW Must be within the last year: 9/02/10 - 8/08/11 Must be signed and dated by the physician Contact School Nurse if Physical is scheduled after 8/08/11

26 26 Immunizations Required 5 DPT Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis 4 OPV Oral Polio Vaccine 2 MMR Measles, Mumps, Rubella 3 Hepatitis B 2 Varicella (or documentation of having the disease) The first MMR and Varicella must have been given after child’s 1st birthday.

27 27 Health History Form When completing the Health History form at the Welcome Center please include: Special Medical Concerns: Asthma, Diabetes, Seizure Disorders, Behavior Concerns, Bowel or Bladder Issues, Medications, Allergies Request meeting with school personnel if desired

28 28 Prescription Medication Administration Forms Must be completed by the physician and parent or guardian Original container from the pharmacy Child’s Name, medication name, dosage, route Side effects and Special instructions

29 29 Non Prescription Medication Administration Form Must be in the original container Must be appropriate for age as written on medication container Must complete the form or send in a note with the following: child’s name, medication name, dosage, time to be given, start and stop date

30 30 Summary Call the Welcome Center to receive a PIN number 614-920-6180 Complete online Registration Call for your appointment with the Welcome Center Sign up or call to schedule for a Health/Speech/ Assessment at your child’s school building

31 31 Thank you for attending tonight.

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