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Ch The Industrialized Democracies

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1 Ch. 18.2 The Industrialized Democracies

2 America Prospers Dollar was world’s strongest currency Headquarters of U.N was in NYC Foreign trade because of destruction

3 Many Americans prospered
Movement to suburbs and the sunbelt Action movies/ Elvis Increase in government programs

4 Oil shock Early 1970’s political crisis in Middle East Prices increased Recession in 1974

5 Democracy Expands Opportunities
Minorities and women demanded equality Legal segregation Discrimination Truman-desegregated military

6 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963 “I have a dream” Civil rights movement Laws were changed

7 Women’s rights movement
Under JFK and LBJ, Medicare, housing for poor 1980’s Reagan called for cutbacks on spending

8 Military spending increased
Increased national budget deficit More cuts

9 Western Europe Rebuilds
40yrs. Of difference in Germany Shot if they tried to cross 1990 German unification W. Germany booming industry

10 Britain abandoned its colonial empire
Recovered in 50’s/60’s Social benefits to citizens Welfare state Pensions and unemployment

11 Higher taxes Margaret Thatcher led the conservatives in Britain European Coal and Steel Community European Economic Community

12 Japan Is Transformed Most devastating damage Gen. Douglas MacArthur assumed all of the power from the emperor Parliamentary democracy Education for all Rights to women

13 Land reform program 1952 U.S. left Trading partners Liberal Democratic Party Democracy in Japan GDP soared Exports

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