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Hernando de Soto.

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1 Hernando de Soto

2 Life Span Supposedly lived from 1500-1542
Second son of a Spanish knight and country squire. Died from fever and his crew lowered his body into the river he discovered.

3 The Voyage of de’ Soto Why? Where?
He was enticed by the riches and fertile land of new continents. (That’s why he explored.) He sailed for Spain. Unsure how many voyages he made. West Indies (He wasn’t the captain) Cuba (Where he Prepared for Voyage to Florida) Florida Georgia Alabama (Where he discovered the Mississippi River and died) Louisiana

4 Result of The De’ Soto Expedition
He discovered the base of the Mississippi He failed at finding gold in the new land, which was his reason for the journey -This map is of Hernando de’ Soto’s Journey in America.

5 Fun Facts Hernando was only educated until age 14.
When he returned from Peru, he was extremely rich. He married Ines de Bobadilla. On his journey he had 950 soldiers and priests as well as 10 ships.

6 And,

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