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Post Secondary Education Option.

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1 Post Secondary Education Option

2 Why do students participate?
Experience different ideas and potential majors (Careers) Save Time and Money Get a head start on college courses

3 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Local Institutions OSU -Main, Marion, Delaware Marion Technical College Columbus State Franklin University

4 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Purpose The purpose of the program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options to high school students.

5 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Option A* College credit only Does not affect high school credit or GPA. *Student pays all costs.

6 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Option B* College credit & High School credit Affects High School GPA *Pays for tuition, books, materials, and fees.

7 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Requirements Students must notify the school by March 30th if interested in participating. You must meet with a school counselor and sign a statement stating that you are aware of your responsibilities regarding the program. Please sign forms in packet and leave it with us this evening.

8 Post Secondary Education Option *PSEOP*
Student must meet the requirements of the postsecondary institution. Under Option B - The number of classes you may take are determined by the number of class periods at the high school and whether the postsecondary school is on quarters or semesters. Most are on semesters. Ex semester hours = .4 credit 3 semester hours = .6 credit 5 semester hours = 1 credit

9 Deciding to Participate
Future Plans High School Graduation Scheduling College-level work Transportation Extracurricular Activities

10 Things to Consider: You will meet a variety of students on campus Fast pace of college courses and offered different formats (hybrid, On-line, less structure Meet only two or three days per week (off days) Colleges cannot “guarantee” entrance into courses. Increased freedom = increased responsibility

11 Program Advantages Opportunities Experiences Challenge
Use of college counseling services Get 2 for 1 credit

12 Your Academic Record Credits may be applied to college degree or transferred. What is a TAG? ( Still eligible for “FRESHMAN” scholarships Record on HS and College Transcripts May assist you in meeting Admission Requirements in selective programs

13 Program Risk Increased learning responsibilities
Financial responsibility Reduced time for high school activities Grades can affect GPA Loss of time due to travel No guarantee of course availability Social discomfort

14 ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY It is the student’s responsibility to be sure
that all requirements are met. Passing 5 credits Have at least a 1.75 GPA Number of courses scheduled each semester * Example * Semester System 3 credit Semester class = .6 .6 x 2 = 1.2 Carnegie Units

15 Possible Cost Student/Parent will be responsible for paying any cost related to a failed course or withdrawal after the institution’s withdrawal deadline.

16 COURSES Who should apply?
Students must have a high school “B” average to take a PSEOP course in the same area.

17 Columbus State Who should apply?
3.0 GPA One of the follow: ACT - Composite of 22 PLAN - Composite of 20 SAT – 430+ on Writing, 450+ on Critical Reading, 520+ on Math PSAT on Verbal, Math, & Writing Passed OGT Test Completed required high school graduation requirements in the area of study. No Application Fee

18 Marion Technical College Admission Requirements
Apply for Admission with Application Fee of $20 Sign and submit PSEO Participation Form to Counseling Office Must meet GPA requirement Must participate in COMPASS college placement testing

19 Admission Requirements for OSUM
Apply for Admission and $60 application fee College Prep Curriculum 3.7 on a 4.0 scale Standardized test score ACT of 26 or SAT of 1180 Top 15% of HS class May 1 Deadline

20 Higher Education at Hayes Fall Semester 2013
Psychology Series 2 sem. college credits PS 1000 Skills for Success (Begins early September) PS 1010 Career Planning for the 21st Century (Begins late October) Courses meet only two days per week during last period 1st semester only.

21 Higher Education at Hayes Fall Semester 2013
MTC 2-period block – 12 Semester Hours Total Psychology Sociology Dealing with Diversity Oral Communications Courses meet two consecutive periods Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Friday off – students may leave building with parent permission note or use as a study hall

22 What Courses are available?
Most entry level courses, with some exceptions. Everything from criminal justice to sociology. What courses will help you meet your goals? Discuss your options with a college representative

23 How do you know the time of day classes are offered?
The College schedule of classes usually posted on line Check on-line at the college’s web site

24 What Should you do next? Talk things over with your parents
Decide why you would be a good candidate for PSEO. Be sure you are meeting the requirements by doing the best you can in your high school courses. Talk with your School Counselor and be sure to complete the appropriate forms by March 30. Apply for PSEO admission by the college deadline and take/attend required tests/meetings. Research courses that fit your education goal Pay attention and follow the colleges steps to complete course enrollment.

25 What Should you do next? Sign form that you have attended this meeting which meets the required counseling requirement. Return the participation form no later than March 1st.

26 Where did Credit Flex come from?
Senate Bill 311 (the Ohio Core legislation) raised the graduation requirements for high school students, with the goal of increasing the number of students who are ready to meet the demands of our global and technological age. It included among its provisions a requirement that by March 31, 2009, the State Board of Education adopt a plan that enables “students to earn units of high school credit based on a demonstration of subject area competency, instead of or in combination with completing hours of classroom instruction.” School districts, community schools and chartered nonpublic schools “shall comply” with the provisions of the plan, phasing in its provisions during the school year.

27 Who is Eligible? Any student entering grades 8-12 who:
Meets the course’s established pre-requisites, Demonstrates competency in the content area of chosen study, Possesses sufficient skills to work independently, and Completes learning activities on time.

28 What are the Types of Credit Flex?
Test Out -This option gives students the opportunity to take a test to show mastery of material. Students must earn an 80% or higher. Students taking the AP Exam must earn a 3, 4,or 5 on the AP Exam. Virtual Learning -This option allows students to take courses online through Hayes’ APEX online program or through an independent vendor. Independent Study -This option allows students to create their own course using the state-issued curriculum standards as their guide. This may include: distance learning, educational travel, internship, music, arts, after-school/tutorial program, community service or other engagement projects and sports. Dual Enrollment -This option allows students to earn high school and college credit for courses. Students pay a reduced price to the sponsoring college, typically $200-$350 for these courses. Our teachers teach these courses. Students may take these courses without earning the college credit as well.

29 Test Out & APEX Online Course Offerings
Visit the Guidance Website > Credit Flex, then select “Test Out” or “Virtual Learning”. Test Out Courses APEX Courses

30 Dual Enrollment Course Offerings
World Literature Honors College Algebra Applications for Dual Enrollment will become available in May.

31 What are the Costs? Test Out & Independent Study: $80 AP Test Out: $89
Virtual Learning: $25 due to DCS for outside vendor or cost to be determined due to DCS for APEX. (Student and parents are responsible for any additional costs to outside vendors.) APEX outside of school is $225.00 Dual Enrollment: Varies ($150 - $250 range and due to the college offering the credit. DCS does not charge for these courses.)

32 What are the Deadlines & Where Can I Find Applications?
June 1st for the first semester and October 1st for the second semester. Applications are available online on the Guidance website > Credit Flexibility.


34 Thank you for coming! This presentation, forms, and links will be available on the Hayes Guidance website.

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