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A BCD E Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 A BCD E Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 The first governor of the Northwest Territory.

4 Arthur St. Clair

5 The battle fought between the British and the Americans over the control of the fur trade

6 War of 1812

7 A list of rules written by representatives of the Ohio Company for the first settlement posted on the trunk of a large tree

8 Marietta Code

9 A group of people who share similar ideas about government

10 Political Party

11 Two effects of the Battle of Fallen Timbers

12 Native Americans retreated which lost them land, The Treaty of Greenville

13 Anthony Wayne defeated Native Americans in this battle

14 The Battle of Fallen Timbers

15 The general whose army of volunteers retreated when attacked by Native Americans

16 Josiah Harmar

17 laws written for the Northwest Territory

18 Maxwell’s Code

19 Two causes of the Battle of Fallen Timbers

20 Native Americans and Americans were fighting over land, Native Americans defeated Harmar’s troops and St. Clair’s troops

21 Three punishments for breaking a law in the Northwest Territory

22 Whipped, pay a fine, banished, do work around the city

23 Native American leader who organized Tribes from all over North America to try and win back Indian hunting grounds

24 Tecumseh

25 The first governor of Ohio

26 Edward Tiffin

27 Allowed the people of Ohio to take the final step to statehood even without the required number of people

28 Enabling Act

29 The power of the executive branch to prevent a bill from becoming a law

30 veto

31 The law passed by Congress which forced most Native Americans to move to lands west of the Mississippi River

32 Indian Removal Act

33 Led the attack that later was called St. Clair’s Defeat

34 Little Turtle and Blue Jacket

35 Was signed at a peace conference by American leaders and Native American leaders allowing the Native Americans to live only in Northwest Ohio

36 Treaty of Greenville

37 A government in which people elect their leaders

38 democracy

39 The areas set aside by the government for the Native Americans in the black swamp region of Northwestern Ohio

40 reservations

41 What the Treaty of Fort Harmar did

42 The Treaty of Fort Harmar divided the Northwest Territory into two parts, one for the settlers and one for the Native Americans

43 A center for government for a territory, state, or country

44 Capital

45 A count of the population

46 Census

47 A group united for a common purpose

48 confederacy

49 Believed ordinary people should be a part of government

50 Republican Party

51 Believed that the frontier people who were poor and poorly educated could not govern themselves and only the rich should be part of the government

52 Federalist Party

53 The governor of the Indiana Territory

54 William Henry Harrison

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