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Alcatel-Lucent NMS OmniVista 2500 and 2700 Delivering the Best Manageability for the Enterprise April 2007.

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1 Alcatel-Lucent NMS OmniVista 2500 and 2700 Delivering the Best Manageability for the Enterprise
April 2007

2 #1 in broadband, switching, optics, satellite, telecom, …
Why Alcatel-Lucent? Complete communication solutions provider Market leadership in key data, voice, video and fixed mobile convergence technologies turnkey solutions over 500,000 customers Presence in over 130 countries data/IP voice broadband satellite outsourcing optical submarine Who is Alcatel? With a presence in over 130 countries, revenue of nearly US $16 billion, and a #1 share in many markets, Alcatel is uniquely positioned to help your company securely grow. Our communications solutions range from satellites in space to undersea optical fiber spanning the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, from voice and data switches to mobile phones, from 3G to wireless LAN to broadband and FTTU solutions. Our professional services offerings complement our portfolio of products, while our outsourcing solutions span the entire range from consulting to network operations to turnkey project implementation No other vendor can provide the same breadth and scope of products and solutions that Alcatel can. Our history with mobile operators, fixed-line operators, and enterprises across many industries gives us a depth of experience and expertise which is unparalleled. What we hope to do is to be able to put that expertise to work for you. <click> #1 in broadband, switching, optics, satellite, telecom, …

3 Communications Applications IP Network Infrastructure
What Can Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions Do For You? Build the IP Communications House Open Software Solutions Business Telephony Business Applications Contact Center Collaboration Unified Communication Mobility Communications Applications Voice over IP VoIP IP Softphone IPTouch phones OmniPCX Enterprise OmniPCX Office Alcatel’s century of innovation and engineering has allowed us to provide the enterprise with solutions that span the entire IP communications house. This house has at its top story the productivity enhancing applications which run on Alcatel’s award winning IP telephony communication servers. Supporting these products is the IP networking data products - the foundation of the IP communications house. As you well know, any house is only as strong as its foundation. We understand that if an enterprise is to grow and prosper, it must be able to rely on its infrastructure to deliver the communications and applications necessary to conduct business and take care of customers. The first requirement is availability- we expect the phone and applications that expand the value of voice communications or integrate voice and data communications to be available. Our experience tells us that these networks must also be secure, and easily managed, otherwise valuable capital is diverted from the business goals of the company, lessening the opportunity to react to market changes and opportunities. Alcatel also knows that the value to the enterprise can be measured in multiple ways - from the solutions purchased to the solutions enabled via partnerships and adherence to industry standards. As you learn more about us and our business philosophy, you will come to know that our greatest benefit to you and your company is not just the industry leading solutions we provide, but the synergies we create with the other products and solutions already deployed in your network. You see, we believe a strong foundation is not just to support the existing building, but to also support growth. <click> IP Network Infrastructure High Availability Infrastructure LAN WLAN WAN Security

4 Provide the Best Value for Enterprise Networks
“To provide our customers with the industry's best value in highly available, secure and easy to manage network solutions” Manageability Simple – ideal second source Common – edge / core, chassis / stack Superior management solutions Availability Designed for convergence Cost optimized for redundancy Smarter availability and QoS We believe that we must ‘provide our customers with the industry’s best value in highly available, secure and easy to manage network solutions’. We recognize that the value of a network is greater to the enterprise when measured by its ability to be reliable, secure and easily managed. To deliver on our stated mission, we have developed the Alcatel Operating System - an OS - common to our switches whether in the core or wiring closet. This OS enables operation expense relief to our customers through the homogeneity of features and configurations, while supporting device and network based availability strategies. Our LAN switch product line that leverages a 10 year history of embedded security features, enabling synergies with existing 3rd party solutions… Security solutions that provide assurance the network will be able to react to and contain attacks - promoting productivity and reliability. Providing the strong foundation that is necessary for any business to grow and prosper. <click> Security Pervasive – security on every port User-centric – user profiles Mobile – concurrent security and mobility

5 Business Value – Manageability Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Unified Management: Manage a unified network – not a collection of network elements A common Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) across all OmniSwitches Minimize learning efforts, implementation, and operation Mix, match and manage stacks and chassis Best Web GUI and industry standard command line interface OmniVista with OneTouch Multi-vendor equipment is detected and supported Emphasize automation Decreases TCO and maximizes the network value

6 Business Value – Manageability Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
“Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniVista 2500 & 2700 network management solution simplifies network operations by improving network availability and security, while reducing costs.” IT Director, Education

7 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Centralizing Infrastructure Operations with a Unified Set of Tools
Network-wide visibility discovery (including third-party devices) physical and logical topology maps Spanning Tree domains event and incident management graphs and statistical information Bulk operations inventory management VLAN configuration, threshold settings configuration backup/restore, version management Policy-based ACL and QoS OneTouch policy-based approach for QoS & ACL across multiple switches at once Central creation and administration MAC based ACL containment Centralized administration credentials centralizes control of switch admin access rights OneTouch setup of user login, password, and partitioned management Quarantine management automated quarantine and isolation from IDS/IPS or AOS switch notifications Scalable architecture single-user version or true client/server architecture with multi-user access to match network and budget needs

8 OmniVista 2500 and 2700 Components Framework
Optional applications for advanced complex settings OV2730 PolicyView OneTouch OV2750 SecureView Secure Access OV2760 SecureView ACL OV2770 Quarantine Manager OV2790 Web Services Manager OmniVista 2500 Network-wide Management Monitoring and configuration Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure Third-party devices OmniVista 2500 and 2700 OmniVista “Network wide” NMS platform for all Alcatel-Lucent devices OmniAccess WAN OmniAccess WLAN Alcatel-Lucent 7750 series Alcatel-Lucent 7450 series OmniSwitch 9x00 OmniSwitch 8800 OmniSwitch 7x00 OmniSwitch 68x0 OmniSwitch 6x00 Legacy Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Enterprise Third-party devices SNMP Http-based embedded element manager

9 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Application Actions
OmniVista 2500 applications configuration and monitoring tasks built around Topology and Discovery network-wide centralized, bulk operations (Resource Manager, VLAN Manager) contextual exchange of information between applications troubleshooting management and statistics all applications use a common set of tools (device list, scheduler) common look and feel with a wizard-based approach OmniVista 2700 applications configuration and monitoring of complex settings (security, QoS) OneTouch mode for simplified wizard-based deployment Expert mode for advanced, optimal configuration leverages AOS embedded capabilities in security, mobility, policy-based networking features

10 OmniVista 2500 The foundation application for managing networks composed of Alcatel-Lucent and other network devices supplies the essential NMS functions of the FCAPS model (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security) gives administrators a unified view of the network extensive feature set provides: centralized management automation simplicity Scalability it’s about doing more (more features and control) with less (less cost, training needs, and administrative overhead)

11 OmniVista 2500 Details Discovery includes third party devices
device lists can be sorted by IP address, type, etc. Topology Spanning tree view of infrastructure quickly determine network issues based on dynamic, color-coded status pinpoint current and impending problems at a glance Contextual access to element management (EMS) VLAN Manager create and manage VLANs across multiple switches templates for rapid VLAN definition deployment Resource Manager automated backup/restoration of configurations and software image files version management for device software baseline CLI scripting repetitive CLI tasks are pushed simultaneously across multiple devices initial configuration of network devices global changes such as SNMP community strings Troubleshooting optimization Network-wide Notification monitoring Filter/sort/Forward based on User options for remediation React/Responder operations

12 OmniVista 2500 Details (continued)
Locator troubleshooting tool to identify Devices & End-user location (switch, slot/port, MAC and IP addresses) Live or historical searches for immediate reaction or forensic use first line of defense against security hazards Available for Alcatel and Third party solutions Find and react with immediate ban it, shut it down with Direct QM links change it with Vlan Manager access Performance (health and statistics) get performance information from multiple devices at once correlate information and analyze network-wide activities monitor network health through the use of thresholds on specific parameters when the threshold is crossed, a trap is sent to the Notifications application to warn an admin of the problem collect statistics through profiling multiple devices, multiple vendors/sources multiple parameters, multiple times/Frequency

13 OmniVista 2700- Optional applications
Optional applications extending the manageability framework OmniVista 2730 PolicyView OneTouch QoS Voice & Data policies OmniVista SecureView Secure Access OneTouch Device administration credentials policies OmniVista 2760 SecureView ACL OneTouch policy for Network resources access OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager OneTouch Containment & intrusion management OmniVista 2790 Web Services Northbound Interface for application collaboration

14 OmniVista 2730 Policy View OneTouch automation simplifies QoS configuration Reduce the amount of interfaces for configuring QoS for VoIP and time critical data operations Enables enhanced policy-based management across multiple devices Set parameters once, distributed all at once Distributed to devices at once Three operation modes OneTouch for voice QoS for one or more subnets of VoIP phones OneTouch for data Establish priorities for selected data servers Wizard Expert Mode Advanced QoS controls for complex policies (including validation scheme)

15 OmniVista 2750 SecureView SecureAccess
OneTouch Central control of switch administration access rights & Network Administration credentials Provides OneTouch control for simplified deployment Configure Users, passwords, access rights, time of day rights, etc. Manage Authentication ops for Net Administrator Controls Web, FTP, telnet, SNMP interfaces Coupled with Device partition management Security: FCAPS Reduce password complexity, Associate management access rights with business policies High degree of Granularity in network administration privileges

16 OmniVista 2760 SecureView ACL
Simplifies and automates network access policies OneTouch central management for creation, maintenance and update Wizard based Expert for advanced controls and options (Port, mac layer, IP ,Application…) Enforcing “allow/deny” as condition/action model Direct interface with Quarantine Manager for ACL containment Greater Security with control over vital resources and their access, Bandwidth optimization, by conserving appropriate usage Enforcing of user access, network policy , enabling business

17 OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager
Detection & reporting Open notification scheme for security breach Syslog, Trap for Alcatel or Third party IPS/IDP solutions OmniAccess Wlan rogue Alert Flexibility for containment & isolation actions Mac-Based VLAN based on the MAC address ACLs for Network access Resources Port Shut down for Third party devices Wireless End User black Listing OmniVista Quarantine Manager can implement isolate a misbehaving device network wide or just with-in the device’s network segment. By default, the network segment is all the switched managed by OmniVista. To isolate the device OmniVista applies several policies on each switch in the misbehaving device’s network segment. On each switch with-in the device’s network segment OmniVista applies up to 4 quarantine actions. For every Alcatel-Lucent AOS or XOS switch in the network segment OmniVista looks to see if the "quarantine vlan" has been defined on that switch. It does this by looking for a vlan with a description string that matches the quarantine vlan name (not vlan number). If there is a quarantine VLAN defined, OmniVista QM adds a mac rule for the offending end-station that binds it to the quarantine vlan. For every Alcatel-Lucent AOS switch in the network segment OmniVista looks to see if the "quarantine acl mac group" has been defined on that switch. It does this by looking for a mac condition group with the quarantine mac condition group name. If there is a quarantine ACL then OmniVista adds the mac to that condition group. The ACLs using that condition are assumed to already exist. For every switch in the network segment, OmniVista look to see if the switch is the one directly connected to the offending end-station, and if "port disable" is allowed for that switch (disallowed by default). If so, OmniVista disables the port where the end-station is attached. For every OmniAccess WLAN switch in the network segment OmniVista pushes a mac rule using SSH to the wireless switch. which will push it to the AP and block that MAC from using the rf bandwidth. Simple to deploy and operate OneTouch Containment & remediation for a secure infrastructure

18 OmniVista 2790 Web Services
Northbound Interface between OmniVista & other applications XML interface APIs allowing scripting for OmniVista monitoring functions Read-only monitoring functions: topology, traps, locator APIs for Web browser Client APIs used forI Web GUI Client in addition to the regular Client Access “anywhere” to critical status of the Network Infrastructure No dedicated NMS station for troubleshooting and monitoring Lower Integration Costs, Open collaboration environment Increase business agility

19 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Comprehensive features support- R3.3

20 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Supported OS and platforms
Certified and supported platforms supported OS platforms for OmniVista server Win Server 2003 (multi-user), Win XP Pro (single user) Linux distribution – Red Hat ws edition Novell SuSe 10 – 32 and 64 bit environments Sun Solaris – version 10, 32 and 64 bit environments supported OS Platforms for OmniVista client Win XP Pro Linux distribution – Red Hat Ws edition

21 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Deployment Benefits
OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Benefits Not just a basic umbrella inclusive application with less learning curve Customizable auto-discovery and MIB Import for 3rd party support Customizable contextual launch for all EMS Advanced notification management available Topology with Layer 2 monitoring (VLAN, STP) Common Manageability framework for Alcatel infrastructure Topology with Layer 2 topology control OneTouch automation for error Prone human operations Device configuration standardization Wireless/Wired operations for unified network quarantine OneTouch Network-wide view for security best practices enforcement Open Northbound interface for NMS collaboration

22 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Value propositions
Simple Topology View with alarm integration, Layer 2 monitoring Operator centric view for all central operations (Group, logical View) Advanced automation & OneTouch Simplicity for error prone operations Secure Extensive, Granularity for all security application components Wired/Wireless Intrusion detection & containment Extensible Third Party Network Management umbrella with broad operation support Open Northbound Interface/XML interface for external collaboration Continuous Multi-vendor fault management Firmware and Configuration Management for shorter MTTR

23 Meeting Customer Needs as a Leading Global Provider of Turnkey Services
Technical Workforce of 10,000+ 45+ Global network, call and technical centres 5 GNOCs on 3 continents serving the top Fortune 500 Companies ** Talk to your company representative about complimenting your services opportunities ** Hilversum Poland Denver Lisle Legend Call Center Technical Assistance Center Global Network Operations Center TNZ Global Network Operations Center Note: locations may have multiple sites Sydney Hamilton (TNZ) Turnkey End to End Portfolio of Services PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DEPLOYMENT SERVICES MAINTENANCE SERVICES MANAGED SERVICES Delivering comprehensive end-to-end planning, implementation, management and support capabilities for enabling Enterprise networks around the world

24 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Alcatel-Lucent Manageability and Customer Experience
What do our customers say? Simplicity and productivity “…this application and the amount of time it saves me, well, it is just immeasurable.” New OmniVista user and IT manager in the utility industry “Alcatel-Lucent delivers technology ... OmniVista is outstanding.” New OmniVista user and University network manager “Alcatel-Lucent QM provides us a deeper level of security protection from intrusion threats.” Quarantine Manager user and IT Director of Community College

25 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Alcatel-Lucent Manageability and Customer Experience
What do our customers use? Most commonly used features: Topology, Statistics, Locator, Resource Manager Large organizations add: Vlan Manager, Resource Manager Quarantine Manager, SecureView- Secure Access, ACL Smaller organizations add: Trap Responder Organizations with VoIP add: PolicyView OneTouch QoS, SecureView series Managed Services Providers Web Services for Dashboard application and complex application collaboration

26 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 Deliverables and Pricing
Easy ordering scheme one common package containing all OV2500 and 2700 applications individual license activation required for each application Three types of licenses offered: new installation license for any new network infrastructure deployments or optional application extension upgrade license for all customers moving from R2.xx to R3.0 independently of any eService support program evaluation license offering full features for 60 days All licenses activated at:

27 OmniVista 2500 & 2700 “New installation” license
Part Number Description List Price OV-NMS-CD-R3 OmniVista NMS CD containing all OmniVista 2500 & 2700 apps. Requires license for individual application activation No cost OV2540-BMU-R3 License for OmniVista 2540 Multi-user version. Offers network- wide monitoring and configuration capabilities $8,995 OV2520-BSU-R3 License for OmniVista 2520 Single-user version. Offers network- wide monitoring and configuration capabilities $4,995 OV2730-PVOT-R3 License for OmniVista 2730 PolicyView. Offers policy-based QoS for voice and data. Offers OneTouch and Expert Mode. Required installation of OV2540 or OV2520 $3,995 OV2750-SVSA-R3 License for OmniVista 2750 SecureView- Secure Access. Offers centralized secure switch access administration for users and credentials. Requires installation of OV2540 or OV2520. $1,495 OV2760-SVACL-R3 License for OmniVista 2760 SecureView ACL. Offers policy-based network traffic security with access control lists. Offered OneTouch & Expert Mode. Requires installation of OV2540 or OV2520 $6,995 OV2770-QM-R3 License for OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager. Offers network containment automation. Requires intrusion notification. Requires installation of OV2540 or OV2520 $14,995 OV2790-WS-R3 License for OmniVista 2790 Web Services. Offers Web Services APIs and Web Browser GUI. Requires installation of OV2540


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