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SENIORS…….. HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY????. Welcome to your SENIOR year! Your work isn’t over yet!

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2 Welcome to your SENIOR year! Your work isn’t over yet!

3 Value of Education From the 2010 Census Educational Level Avg. Annual %increase from 2000 9 th – 12 th grade, no diploma$20,241+8% High school graduate$30,627+9.7% Some college, no degree$32,295+9.3% Associates degree$39,771+10.6% Bachelor’s degree$56,665+10.6% Master’s degree$73,738+18% Doctorate degree$103,054+16.5% Professional degree$127,803+10.9%

4 Purpose of College Selection Find schools that match you Find schools you will graduate from Increase value, decrease cost This progress requires time, research, and communication as a family.

5 The College Match or “Fit” There is a college for everyone That Match = Happiness = Graduation What is a “Good” college for me? Personal AttentionFacilities Major/CareerLocation City/Small TownGreek Life ReputationMy Needs Study AbroadDiversity Professors vs TA’sSelectivity Student ActivitiesDorm Life

6 Selective College Admissions More students apply than can be accommodated The Admissions offices decide how to admit some students and deny others Not all schools have selective admissions A few schools are “Ultra-Selective”

7 What Matters in Admissions? Rank the Following 1 – 11 Admission Test Scores Counselor Recommendation Interview Grades in College-Prep Courses Extra-Curricular Activities Essay Strength of Curriculum Demonstrated Interest Grades in ALL courses AP Scores Teacher Recommendation(s)

8 From NACAC Survey, 2012 (National Association of College Admission Counseling) 1.Grades in College-Prep Courses 2.Strength of Curriculum 3.Admission Test Scores 4.Grades in All Courses 5.Essay 6.Demonstrated Interest 7.Counselor Recommendation 8.Teacher Recommendation 9.AP Scores 10.Interview 11.Extra-Curricular Activities

9 Selective Admissions Relative Weight of Admission Factors Grades, Curriculum50 – 60% College Testing20 – 40% –ACT, SAT, PSAT, EXPLORE, PLAN, SAT SUBJECT TESTS Your Other Strengths0 – 30% –Activities, Leadership, Talent, Essays, Recommendations


11 Testing Review If you have NOT yet completed an ACT or an SAT, please do so ASAP!!!! To register or to re-register for exams: SAT: October 6; Deadline to register September 7 also offered November 3 and December 1 ACT: October 26; Deadline to register September 27; December 14; Deadline to register November 8 ACT with or without Writing? Submit your test scores directly to the college from the test company.

12 To Report Your Test Scores YOU MUST SEND YOUR TEST SCORES DIRECTLY TO THE COLLEGE THIS YEAR! Send your scores directly from the test company (on-line): SAT: will send ALL of the scores you select (SCORE CHOICE) for $11 per school ACT: will send ONE of your test scores for $10.00 per school If you coded in colleges on your original exam they have already been sent by the testing agency. If you are taking an ACT or SAT this year you will receive 4 free test reports to send to colleges. I would suggest that you use them, unless you have an unusual circumstance.

13 College Visits Simply the best way to learn about a college and its potential match. Tips: -Schedule visits at least 2 weeks ahead if possible -Do your homework on the college -Arrive early, parking will be difficult -Talk to students -Take notes or keep a journal -Read a student newspaper -Request meetings for any special needs you may have -Send a thank you note -Record your impressions immediately -Do an overnight visit at a couple of schools you are very serious about

14 Cost and Value Complete a Financial Need Estimate or IF you look like you WILL qualify for aid, don’t rule out private schools that may look expensive! IF you WILL NOT qualify for aid (and want to pay less for college), but want to attend a smaller, private school - apply to safe schools for scholarship money. Some out-of-state, state schools are as affordable as in- state, state schools! Consider

15 Application Process – 2 Parts Part 1: Application  On Line (99%)  Essays  Short Answers  Data completion  Activities  YOUR portion of the application  Submit electronically  Can be submitted electronically up to deadline  PLEASE doublecheck everything Part 2: Transcript, etc.  Complete a Transcript Release Form  Any recommendation letters  Any additional enclosures  Ms. Merrill will send this information  Must be turned in three weeks prior to deadline

16 The Common Application The Common Application is a single college application good at 493 colleges. Students may complete on-line. Many schools still need an additional supplement completed as well. Some schools that accept the Common Application: Ohio State (Columbus campus) this year, Miami U (OH), Denison, Wittenberg, Elon, Harvard, U of Vermont, Northwestern, Lafayette, C of Wooster, Xavier, Michigan, etc.

17 Application Tips BE NEAT and BE CORRECT! Watch out for Deadlines, including and especially scholarship Deadlines Complete an Inventory of the application START EARLY and make a schedule for completion List your activities with great care!! Don’t add too much extra information, but some may be OK. Be sure the application is 100% accurate. Send your test scores from ACT/SAT

18 Graduation May 24 th, 2014 THEN WHAT……..

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