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Japan Builds an Empire WWII notes.

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1 Japan Builds an Empire WWII notes

2 During WWI Japan joined the Allies
Conquered several areas in the pacific After the war they began a parliamentary system and increased the number of people who could vote Helped found the League of Nations Pledged to solve all disagreements peacefully (Kellogg-Briand Pact)

3 Manchurian Incident Japan took over Manchuria because…
Needed land and resources for its growing population Claimed that Chinese soldiers tried to blow up a railway line Manchuria was now the independent sate of Manchukuo, under Japanese protection Became a puppet state

4 Manchurian Incident League of Nations ordered Japan to give up Manchukuo Japan refuses and withdraws from the League of Nations This incident increased the power of the Japanese army Radicals wanted complete control so they assassinated the prime minister An uprising in 1936 led to murder of government officials Civilian politicians feared for their lives so they did not criticize the military Military gains complete control of government and uses Manchuria as a base for further expansion in Asia

5 War against China Japan wanted to expand and looked toward Beijing and Tianjing Japan’s superior weapons were able to beat the size of China’s army Japan’s planed bombed cities “Rape of Nanjing”- Japanese soldiers brutalized or killed at least 100,000 citizens US and other nations spoke out against Japan and international aggression “the epidemic of world lawlessness is spreading”-FDR

6 War Against China Congress passed a series of Neutrality Acts to keep US out of foreign conflicts Soviets also concerned and gave arms, military advisors, and war planes to China Britain sent supplies through the Burma Road By 1939 the war with China reached a stalemate Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere- Statement from the prime minister that they would expand territory to Dutch East Indies Declared that they would liberate Asia from European control But really wanted natural resources to continue war with China In 1940 Japan allied with Germany and Italy through the Tripartite Pact

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