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By: Dominic Imwalle, Jason Rebholz, Zack Berwald.

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2 By: Dominic Imwalle, Jason Rebholz, Zack Berwald

3  Hydropower is energy from moving water  The movement of water between the earth and its atmosphere is in a continuous cycle.  When sun draws moisture from oceans and rivers its called evaporation  Then the moisture condenses into clouds which is called condensation.  After that the moisture is released from the clouds which's called precipitation then it starts back over

4  In year 1087 A.D five thousand water wheels were made in France  Water wheels were used to grind flour and grain for 2,000 by the Greeks  The first hydro plant was built at Niagara Falls.  Ancient Egyptians first used waterwheels on Nile river in early 200 B.C  1700s factories of industrial revolutions used water to power machines

5  Over 80,000 dams have been built in the U.S  The top hydro plant state is in Tennessee with five hydro plants  Towers carry energy from a generator in a Dallas Dam

6  An advantage is that hydropower is renewable  Snow and rain replenish hydropower  hydropower is one of the cheapest energy sources

7  There are 80,000 dams in U.S but only 2,400 generate electricity  Dams in U.S built to control flooding wind irrigate farmland, not for electricity production  Depending the amount of rainfall during year provides between 5 and 10 percent of country electricity  Roads in community's have to move when dam is being built

8 Hydropower is renewable and is replenished by snow and rainfall

9  One idea is to make under water wind mills  Cars might use water as gas by adding hydrogen and oxygen gas  Make more chain bobbling ducks to span part of Estorny Mouth, making wave energy into energy into electricity

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