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Developmental Psychology

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1 Developmental Psychology

2 Piaget - Cognitive developmental psychologist

3 General notes Piaget studied the interaction between children and the people and objects with which they come in contact A child cannot master a new intellectual concept before he or she has reached the correct stage of maturation Children adapt as fast as their biological development permits (maturation)

4 4 stages of cognitive development
Sensory – Motor Pre - operational Concrete - Operational Formal - Operational

5 Sensory - Motor Birth – two years of age
Children begin to distinguish themselves from those around them Curiosity develops Coordinates sensory experiences with sucking, reaching, and grasping

6 Milestone for the Sensory - Motor phase
OBJECT CONSTANCY Objects no longer exist when they disappear from sight OBJECT PERMANENCE The (cognitive) understanding things continue to exist even though I cannot see them

7 Pre - Operational Ages 2-7
Children focus on their own desires, pleasures, pains Use language as a tool for understanding and controlling their world Ages 2-4 generalization Age 4-5 ability to distinguish

8 Concrete - Operational
Ages 7-11 Specialized skills develop Grouping – classification system that allows them to place similar objects together (dogs, turtles, fish, = pets)

9 Formal Operational Early adolescence
Understand abstract political, moral, religious, and scientific ideas

10 Schema An idea or mental framework that helps one organize and interpret date Schemas are ever changing

11 Conservation The understanding of different laws of conservation happens between the ages of 5 and 9 The principle that the properties of substances remain the same despite changes in their shape or arrangement

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