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How How You Age Is Completely Up To You Aging is Inevitable Aging in America.

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1 How How You Age Is Completely Up To You Aging is Inevitable Aging in America

2 Than you really are? Will you look and feel younger?

3 Some People Age Gracefully

4 Some do NOT

5 Favorable Market Trends Exclusive Products and Technologies Rock Solid Company Leverage for Time and Income Perfect Timing, Timing, Timing! Key Factors

6 Baby Boom The first time the entire Baby Boom generation is impacting a single market at the same time! Fast Food Fast Cars Rock n Roll Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution, 2006

7 Baby boomers … dont want to grow old… Today, 50 is the new 30 And 80 is the new 50. Boomer demands are COMPLETELY PREDICTABLE! Aging in America

8 Nu Skin Enterprises is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the booming Anti-Aging Market!!! Exclusive Advantages!

9 131 Million Spa Visits in 2005 in the US* Globally Spas generate over $40 Billion in Revenue** Average spa client spends $143/ visit** Similar spa treatments range from $100-$400 Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Face Treatment cost $6 *Source: International Spa Assoc. ** Source: Forbes Spa Industry

10 Enhances active delivery 70% or more up to 24 hours Galvanic Treatments at Home

11 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa II System Programmable tool with PATENTED self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads for FACE, SCALP, and BODY. Works synergistically with specially formulated products to assist in the transport of key ingredients that deliver REVITALIZING, RESTORATIVE, and REJUVENATING benefits. Effective – Shown to enhance active delivery for up to 24 hours post-galvanic treatment. Affordable – Spa quality treatment at a fraction of the cost Convenient – Easy-to-use in the comfort of your home Skin Care

12 Galvanic Conductor Contact Galvanic Gel Epidermis Dermis Dirt Cleanser Galvanic Action: Pre-Treatment Patented Pre-Treat Gel Use the pre-treat gel with the Galvanic Spa II Face Conductor to help remove skin impurities and let your pores breathe. Like charges repel. As the purifying ingredients move into the pores, they adhere to impurities such as excess oil and pollutants. The pre-treat gel contains extracts of marigold extract, sea kelp and vanilla for their soothing effects, and TEA Cocoyl Glutamate purifies the skin.

13 Galvanic Conductor Contact Galvanic Gel Galvanic Action: Treatment Patented Treatment Gel Like charges repel…opposites attract. The positive charge of the current attracts the negatively charged ingredients that were in the Pre-Treatment Gel and pulls these ingredients, along with the impurities that are attached, out of the skin. Tocopheryl Nicotinate, a form of vitamin E, helps to moisturize, condition, and provide antioxidant protection. Arginine facilitates recovery from stress. Rose, Sandalwood, and Jasmine Extracts soothe and condition the skin. Provides Magnesium, a necessary component of the skin's natural energy cycle. Contains Aspartate to naturally balance your skin's pH.

14 Americas/Europe/South Pacific Region Galvanic System Sales – Explosion!

15 Americas/Europe/South Pacific Region Galvanic Face Gel Sales

16 Exciting Times "These truly are exciting times. Here is some evidence of the strength of the opportunity: Galvanic Spa unit sales have climbed from 43,500 units sold in the first six months of 2007 to 166,000 units in the first six months of 2008a 281% increase. Galvanic Spa Pretreatment and Treatment Gels have grown from 211,000 units sold to 682,000 units sold in the same perioda 223% increase. Body Shaping Gels unit sales have increased from 48,000 units to 185,000 units a 285% increase. These results are just a few of the key indicators that demonstrate how focused and dynamic the opportunity is right now. Clearly, there is an enormous wave of enthusiasm that exists across the region. Your leadership is the key to this success." Scott E. Schwerdt President Americas, Europe and South Pacific Region

17 Galvanic Spa: Benefits for Everyone Treated SideUntreated Side Lets look at the first photo - Look under her eyes, by her nose, cheek bones and around her mouth. Take a look at the second photo: As you can see, the treatment works for men as well. Notice the smile lines and around the eyes. Notice how the treated side has lifted. Now lets look at the third photo: This before and after photo is fairly dramatic. Look under her eyes, by her nose, and around her mouth

18 Galvanic Spa: Benefits for Everyone

19 Look by her eyes for the diminished crows feet.

20 Galvanic Spa: Benefits for Everyone








28 Galvanic Spa II System for The body Galvanic Spa II Replacement Body Conductor This Body Conductor has three rounded nodes maximize surface area contact for wider coverage and better massaging action. This gel contains powerful ingredients that encourage the breakdown and storage reduction of fat in the skin, and to increase vitality, firmness and even out dimples in the skin. Theobromine ( Theobroma cacao extract) is shown to have an effect on a certain enzyme in fat cells that helps in fat breakdown. Golden Chamomile ( Chrysanthellum indicum ) extract is rich in flavonoids, a class of antioxidants. Testing indicates these flavonoids may help inhibit the storage of fat. An eight-week clinical study a 55% reduction in the appearance of cellulite an 84% increase in moisture content a 37% improvement in skin firmness a 69% enhancement in skin smoothness 100% of participants saw noticeable results and 37% had more than a 1" diameter decrease in their thigh!

29 Galvanic Spa: Body Results Look at the texture and color of her left hand (ring hand). See the reduction deep wrinkles and tightened skin. Sagging arms. Left arm after 2 weeks of treatment using Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System with Body Shaping Gel, compared to right arm (no treatment).

30 Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment This Scalp Conductor is a comb-like conductor that is easy to pull through your hair, maintaining crucial contact between the conductor and your scalp. It works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients for optimal performance. Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment is formulated with Tricalgoxyl ®, a patented scalp nourishing ingredient derived from polysaccharide-rich seaweed that works with other essential ingredients to re-mineralize the scalp and enhance hair vitality. Tricalgoxyl® was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment).

31 Clinically Proven to Make Any Skin Care Regimen 70% More Effective Nutricentials Gentle System 180 System Cell Rejuvenation with Nano Technology Clear Action Acne Treatment And Repair Tri-Phasic White®

32 Tru Face Essence Ultra Attack Aging Featuring Ethocyn® Ethocyn®, a patent pending anti-aging ingredient, thats clinically proven to restore elastin to youthful levels. CoQ10 to promote cellular energy while preventing elastin degradation A complete patent-pending antioxidant network, prevents elastin breakdown Tegreen 97® is clinically proven to help protect against the degradation of elastin Skin Care

33 elastin structure A fibrous protein Important Youth Protein Gives the skin its resiliency Gives the skin the ability to stretch and snap back into shape Elastin

34 Elastin levels decrease Skin loses contour and firmness Skin sags As we age...

35 Elastin gives young skin its snap back firm quality


37 Conducted by Dr. Richard Strick, M.D. Clinical Professor of Dermatology at U.C.L.A. Presented research at the American Academy of Dermatology Medical Conference Dr. Richard Strick, M.D. Ethocyn® Clinical Trials

38 Ethocyn ® : Topical BID application of Ethocyn by patients aged years restores elastin production to levels normally obtained in youth (ages 18-25). The mean level of elastic tissue in Ethocyn treated individuals increased by 100% (in some patients over 500%) (P=.001). Every individual, male and female subject, had shown improvement and had smoother, tighter and less wrinkled skin. American Academy of Dermatology Medical Conference, San Francisco, California Richard Strick, M.D. Diplomate of American Academy of Dermatology Clinical Professor of Dermatology, UCLA School of Medicine Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

39 U.C.L.A. Clinical Trial: not subjective precise quantitative assessment of skin elastin fiber content of subjects before and after the use of Ethocyn clinical protocols were reviewed and approved by the United States FDA Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

40 Ethocyn® Medical and Scientific Journals

41 United States National Television News Broadcasts Covering Ethocyn Clinical Trials Medical Conference Publications A Major Breakthrough in the Fight Against Skin Aging -Dr. Bruce Hensel, Channel 4 A Miracle Cream -National News Broadcast

42 The fountain of youth in a bottle -Hard Copy Investigative News Report Studies show this product works differently from others, and experts say it does work -NBC (Channel 4) Television News Report The compound actually restores elasticity to aging skin -KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report The compound actually restores elasticity to aging skin -KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report

43 have proven Ethocyn is safe and effective show that Ethocyn increases skin elastin levels of older individuals (ave - 9.2%) to that of the skin elastin levels of younger individuals (ave -15.6%) within eight weeks for both males and females for Caucasian and Asian skin types for individuals years of age Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results


45 Statistical Significance: p=.001 means 99.99% certainty of Ethocyn users will experience and increase in elastin fiber content and equal to their levels of elastin at age usually p values come in at.05 for FDA or MHW drug approvals Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

46 After using Ethocyn for 60 days, 77 year old had same elastin fiber content as his 21 year old grandson who was in the control group People who had elastin level of.1% before using Ethocyn, realized 15-18% elastin levels after days of use. Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

47 With EthocynWithout Ethocyn Karen Philips, an American working housewife, decided to test Ethocyn Essence by using the Product on only one half of her face for 120 days. The results of her half face test are seen in this picture. The Power of the ½ Face Demo

48 Do you Dare to Demonstrate the Difference?

49 KEY = After stopping the use of Ethocyn EVERYONE returns to their genetically programmed elastin content of the skin. 80% of people over 25 years have low elastin levels and need Ethocyn (True Face Essence Ultra) 20% have good, firm skin and probably wont need Ethocyn until years of age. Ethocyn® Clinical Trials Results

50 Americas/Europe/South Pacific Region Tru Face Essence Category – Revenue

51 the difference. demonstrated.

52 Products Guaranteed to Raise Your Score MEASURES 18 Carotenoid Antioxidants in Real Time Personal Score shows overall Antioxidant Health Status 2 US Patents with 5 Patents Pending and 6 International Patents Pending 1 st comprehensive Multi-vitamin Supplement with Nano Technology on the Market Anti-Aging – Nutrition

53 How Fast Are You Aging – on the Inside? Only Pharmanex can Measure How Fast You Are Aging From The Inside With The BioPhotonic Scanner - The 1st Ever Non- Invasive Measurement of Human Antioxidants - Developed at the University Of Utahs Bio Medical Department The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live. ~ Dr. Richard Cutler, Director of the Anti-Aging Research Department of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Wash D.C. A Grade 50,000 – 100,000+ B Grade 40,000 – 49,000 C Grade 30,000 – 39,000 D Grade 20,000 – 29,000 F Grade 10,000 – 19,000 < 10,000

54 What is Lifepak® nano? LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin! LifePak is Total Wellness & Anti-Aging product! Cardiovascular Benefits Bone Nutrition Brain Function Healthy Immune Function Blood Sugar Stabilization PLUS: Resveratrol – the Anti-Aging Miracle

55 Youd have to eat THIS much! All of this equals 2 LifePak packets! An investment of ONLY $3.30/day!

56 : Firewall for the Cells Key features Natures unique micronutrient delivery system Lipocarotenes (unique among fruits) Antioxidant and immune enhancer Cellular rejuvenation Perfect complement to LifePak Siberian Pineapple LyciumCili Gac

57 70 X more Lycopene than Tomatoes 60 X more Vitamin C than Oranges 40 X more Zeaxanthin than Yellow Corn 10 X more Beta Carotene than Carrots Guaranteed to Raise Your Score Super Fruit

58 Galvanic Pre-Treatment and Treatment Gels will be released with ageLOC! Nu Skin Scientists Identify Additional Free Radical Generator Activity of Enzyme on Skin Cells Correlates with Age 14 May :00 AM ET Reported in: CNBC; BioMedicine, Forbes, PR News Wire, Money Central, Sun Herald, Happi, and hundred of more media sources! Scientists from Nu Skin Enterprises and Purdue University report their novel research findings on age-related NADH oxidase (arNOX) this week in Kyoto, Japan, at International Investigative Dermatology 2008 (IID2008), a major scientific venue for the latest information on skin biology. See press release:

59 25 Year Track Record25 Year Track Record D&B 5A-1 RatingD&B 5A-1 Rating Operating in 48 MarketsOperating in 48 Markets Over $600 Million in AssetsOver $600 Million in Assets Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS)Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS) The Company For more information on Nu Skin Enterprises, please visit our website at

60 Most Innovative Company, 2005 Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program, 2007 American Business Awards The Company

61 NSE Pays BIG! Last year NSE paid its distributors Nearly $500 Million Dollars! For a complete summary of distributor earnings/bonuses paid to distributors at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at or see the end of this presentation.

62 Average Yearly Incomes $6 Billion Paid in Commissions Since Inception There are no bonuses paid for recruiting. All bonuses are paid only when products are sold. For a complete summary of distributor earnings/bonuses paid to distributors at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at or see the end of this presentation.

63 Window of Opportunity Small to Big Timing - USA

64 Window of Opportunity Big to Bigger Timing - Worldwide

65 Favorable Market Trends Exclusive Products and Innovative Technologies Rock Solid Company Leverage for Time and Income Perfect Timing, Timing, Timing! Key Factors

66 Stick your toe in the water… Purchase Spa Beauty at Home Kit for $265 + Products / No ADR Get wholesale prices, earn $50 Fast Start Pay per kit sold No sign up fee What to do: Hold a spa, anti-aging demo/training Sell 1 kit and next month your gels are paid for Sell 5 kits and get $250 FSP Casual Distributor / Beautiful Customer

67 Commit: Get in the water… Purchase Spa Beauty at Home Kit for $265 + Products with ADR Create $200 +/- PV ADR Use products for the first month. Find 4 people in Month 2 (or sooner) who want to play with you Get to executive status in 3-4 Months (or sooner) Save money on products with ADR prices and shipping – 20% 1 st year / 30% starting month 13 Active Distributor

68 Dive in and build a team… Purchase 5 Spa Beauty at Home Kits for $ Products and ADR Become an LOI - Qualifying Executive Create a 200PV ADR Buy 5 kits (2 for demo - 3 rotating inventory) Find 4 people to do the same Become an Executive in 1-3 months Get $1200 back in FSP and Commissions with 4 Business Builders 1) Risk Free - 90% Money Back Guarantee in 1 Year 2) Replication - $300/LOI x 4 = $1200 3) Mega Performance Bonus Pool = 1.5% 200/pt x 6 pt min = $ LOI x $300 = $ LOI x $300 = $ $1200 = $3000 4) 5%-25% GSV, NSEs Generous Compensation Plan Business Builder / Beautiful & Rich

69 How To Get Started The only required purchase to become a distributor is a $10 not for profit Business Portfolio. All product purchases are optional. There are no bonuses paid for recruiting. All bonuses are paid only when products are sold. $1325 (5 Kits + $200 ADR) $265 (1 Kit + $200 ADR)

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