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Brought to you by: Random Heroes 1. 3 "So if you write a particularly interesting opinion piece, or share some hot scoop, or present a compelling.

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1 brought to you by: Random Heroes 1


3 3 "So if you write a particularly interesting opinion piece, or share some hot scoop, or present a compelling counter to one of our arguments, we can quickly and easily put that post on our front page, complete with your byline, where millions of people will see it." Once Shadow Era is picked up by Pojo it will have its own subsection of the site, which will feature articles on new events, big tournaments, deck strategies, and a card of the day section where the writers would write their opinions on cards and give them a rating between 1 and 5.

4 4 Use the current Wulven YouTube channel for more big tournaments and events. The channel can also be used for things such as: Pre-release information Articles Breakdowns of cards Strategy guides Tutorials These additions would be very helpful to players new to Shadow Era.

5 5 Daily Ramping Bonuses: Players will earn a reward for each consecutive day that they log in and play a game. This can be used as an incentive to get the game into a players daily routine. Benefit scheme is as follows: Day 1: 25 gold Day 2: 50 gold Day 3: 75 gold Day 4: 100 gold Day 5 and every successive day logged in thereafter: 5 SC. Day 100: 5 Random Foils and 1000 SC* * This prize will be rewarded every 100 consecutive days after 100. **If the player misses a day of logging in, they must start back at the beginning of the benefits ladder.

6 6 Level Milestone Bonuses: Currently each level increase in game awards 25 SC. With the exponential difficulty in levelling up, a more fluid reward is required. The reward scheme would be as follows: Level 1-10: 25 SC per level Level 11-20: 50 SC per level Level 20+: 100 SC per level Level 25: Access to Champion’s Den Level 50: 20 Random Foils (1 Legendary) and 5 Random Digital Sleeves* *This prize will be awarded every 25 levels gained after Level 50. This will provide players of all levels a more significant reason to continue playing, as it makes the bonuses more exciting and desirable.

7 7 Extra Bonuses: For each player invited, the referrer gains bonuses based on the amount of levels gained by the referee. They also gain 10% of all SC earned or purchased. Bonuses are as follows: Level 5 - 200 Gold Level 10 - 50 Shadow Crystals Level 15 - 2 Random Foils and 100 Shadow Crystals Level 20 - 2 Random Hero Foils and 100 Shadow Crystals* *This prize will be given every 10 levels after reaching level 20.

8 8 Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community's help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam. Developers post information, screenshots, and video for their game and seek a critical mass of community support in order to get selected for distribution. Having Shadow Era on Steam opens it up to a whole new range of possibilities, including but not limited to: Exposure to an enormous community and market Instant connectivity with existing friends on Steam Personalised Recommendations Featured Game Advertising These things will allow Shadow Era to quickly and easily expand it’s player base by taking advantage of the world’s largest digital game distribution network.

9 9 By getting true Facebook connectivity, Shadow Era would reach out to a much larger market. People would notice when their friends are playing Shadow Era. Achievements and badges could be added to help improve retention. Linking accounts could make for an easier Login process

10 10

11 11 To promote and boost awareness of the physical game, Marketing Packs can be supplied by Wulven to store owners to provide them the necessary marketing tools to highlight and advertise Shadow Era. Each Marketing pack would contain everything required to host games in store and enough marketing product to advertise both the physical and digital games. Contents: 1 Floor-standing poster with stand 3 A1 size Wall posters 2 Official Rulebooks 4 Playmats 1 set of Class Starter decks /w Quick Start Guides 1 set of Exclusive Foils (for promotional work/tournament prizes) 1 pack of 48 Redeem Codes 1 Dice Cube (containing 27 dice)

12 12 Different hero and card art will be featured.

13 13 This is a program for avid supporters of Shadow Era within the community, giving them the opportunity to help expand the brand by hosting events within their local area in exchange for unique and exclusive prizes, both in the physical and digital game. Members of the program would use their own equipment however they would be given the option to purchase a special Program pack. Members are expected to host monthly events and send evidence (photo/video) and a short report to Wulven each time they host an event. For each successful event held, they would receive rewards (which will vary depending on turnout and event type), and for continued service they would also receive additional perks. Prizes for tournaments can be requested from Wulven prior to the event, and these can take the form of any of the single event rewards (see next page). Applicants will apply direct to the program and will be selected based on history within the community, availability and location. Those selected will be on probation until such time as they have successfully hosted their first event.

14 14 The Rosecult Program - Continued Some of the rewards for hosting single events will include: Booster Packs Foil Cards T-shirts Posters Redeem Codes For those who continue within the program for a specified time (6 months) will also receive: Access to pre-release content Discounted rates for cards/merchandise Exclusive/Signed cards Foil sets VIP Forum area Access to the Player’s Focus Group* *Awarded at 12 months, provided you have acceptable play experience.

15 15 This will tie in directly with “The Rosecult Program” for the physical game. The participants of the program will be giving Wulven a great amount of footage from their demos. For “The Rosecult Watch”, Wulven can upload the most successful videos they receive to a special YouTube channel. It is a great way to show how much fun can be had playing the game with others.

16 16

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